Tuesday, December 11, 2007

300 And An Award?

Like movies, TV, radio, books and music, there are awards nowadays for the Internet. Webbies. Bloggies. Ipodees. Blackberryees. Whatever they're called-ees. Winning a prestigious award in any venue is a sign that you have 'arrived'. You've 'been noticed'. They're pointing and laughing at you.
Be that as it may, an award is an award.

Now, some bloggers crave recognition, and the awards that (sometimes) go with achieving it. I'm not one of 'em. I just do what I do. I write my blog, I get a few laughs, piss a few off, and neither seek nor solicit for awards. I figure that if I get one *smile* for a blog entry, that's reward enough.

Okay, I heard that *self-gagging* out there.

But Monday, December 3, 2007, was something of an 'event' for me, for two reasons. First, this entry constitutes my 300th since June, 2005, and I didn't have to die at Thermopylae with a bunch of Spartans who dressed funny, to get there (at least, not in this life). Second, I come home from a long day at work (the phone and pager kept interrupting my naps), and what do I find in email? Well yes, the usual spams about Viagra, a bigger Mr. Happy, loans, lil' Missy's web cam link, phishing and 419 email scam offers aplenty. Nothing new hyar.

But on this particular day, there was somethin' different. And this might prove to be the Christmas gift I come to cherish the most; especially since I got it from an up and coming genuine blogging phenom, Miss Cellania.

Granted, I have no idea why I got this. Though perhaps the award 'splains itself, but I digress.
Irregardless of the reason, I am honored this day to tell the world that Miss Cellania bestowed upon me A Cow Fart Award.

I am humbled beyond further words.

Well, not really; I still have a few words left over. At any rate, to all those who made this possibull -- and the list is elongated so's it'll sound like one read by anyone at the Oscars -- I am indebted to all of you for this prestigious award. Thanks to all, and special thanks to Miss Cellania for the sentiment. Nice to know that I'm a roadapple of (or in) your eye, D.

Though...uh...I don't have to pay extra carbon-offset credits or taxes for this, do I?