Wednesday, July 8, 2020

There's Eloquence and Then There's Bidumb

And this stammering nincompoop wants to be presargunt of the ewe-knighted-states of 'Morticow.

What's more, he's beaten every other stammering nincompoop his malignant party had to offer.

This is the face and abysmally stunted intellect of the DNC in 2020.

And this is what they promise to bring to America if they get power:

- Defunded or no police.
- open borders.
- taxpayer-funded health care for illegals ahead of our own veterans and citizens.
- massive tax increases on working American taxpayers to pay for all of their leftist udopian idiocy.
- the ability to lock down taxpaying Americans anytime they need a 'crisis' to further their power.
- disarming law-abiding citizens who will already be feeling lost without a municipal police department to protect them from 'wokes', anarchists, BLM and Antifa, today's new Nazi sturmtruppen.

Curiously, there are taxpaying Americans with homes, families and dreams who support this and have no idea what it is that they're supporting.  They support it ONLY because propaganda ministries like cnn and ms13nbc tell them "orange man BAD"...and like sheep wokers being led to a "useful idiot" role, they go along because public education has failed and eradicated common sense with their 'cancel culture'.  Or they're simply afraid to be called "racist".

2020 will either see a silent-but-fed-up majority of Americans rise up and stop the totalitarian charge by the Left...or the end of America.

And you thought chinese wuhan coronavirus, murder hornets or William Shatner singing was bad?

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Sunday, July 5, 2020

MaligNANCY in Memes

Yup....that's good ol' Nancy Bela Pelosi at her most normal.

Or as we like to refer to her here, maligNANCY.  To the country, that's pretty much what she is.

Memesters haven't failed to notice.

With a target like this, they rarely do.

So for your meme'ing pleasure, we've gathered a few of the best of Bela maligNANCY Pelosi memes so far:

Too bad Mr. Peabody failed in that mission...

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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

The Bidumb Memes

Say 'howdy' to the democrap front stumbler for the nomination to face President Trump in November.

Joe 'Gaffes Plus' Bidumb.

A career politician with no positive accomplishments.  Almost 50 years in office with nothing but leftist, progressive claptrap to offer.

A serial gaffer, groper and lousy example of humanhood.

The dems hope to ride this clown to victory in November.

Him accompanied by a lot of voter fraud, lies and intimidation.

This is what the DNC and left has sunk to in 2020.

But the memes are funny.  Enjoy:

..and I'm sure there'll be more well before November...

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