Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Gullibility Not Limited To Scam Victims

This has to be read to be believed.  And for more reasons than the obvious.

As this email scam unfolds, you'll see that I am dealing with not only an email scam 'rocket scientist' (not)...I may actually be dealing with a domestically-located scammer who I exposed to his local police in '10, in Ohio.  On that occasion, he claimed to work for the local CIA office in his town (the given address was to an industrial manufacturing business there, which I called and found still quite in business, with no "on site CIA office" to be found.

Better still...during that scambait, I actually talked the scammer into giving me his mailing address, to which I sent a "certified check" which was many things, but negotiable tender wasn't one of 'em.

Which to my delight he received, 'cuz I got a particularly snot-nosed response about it.


At any rate, on that occasion, I notified his local police, and provided them with all the emails we'd exchanged..and they chose not to follow up.

Their explanation:  "since he didn't scam you, no crime was committed".

Perhaps they had a rash of cats to rescue out of trees that month.  Eh.

I kept his email address in my files, and tweaked him with other email scam edits, once in a while getting a "who ARE you?" quip, but little else.

If you'd like to revisit that four part scambait, go here, here, here and here.

But now...it appears he might be back, and testing one of my characters he wasn't familiar with.

As you'll see, his test-taking qualities of observation FAIL.

So here is how the whole thing comes down...and this is a lesson in how some scammers are, if not desperate to score, they're more gullible than they hope their victim is.  As usual, the scammer comments are in bold, and my character's responses in italics:

I am in United State of America to deliver a consignment package by HSBC BANK, London to you.
Nature: Silver Brief Case Consignment.
Other Content: International Fund's Approval Documents.
Destination Now: Maryland, USA
Direct Number: 301 660 2047

(1) The Nearest Airport To Your Destination
(2) Your Indentification of Any Kind (Driver's Licence, Passport or Official ID Card)

I will give you the flight details before I proceed to your location.
Text or call for further advise.

For Nationa-Wide Courier
Rev. Michael Appleton 

"Funds delivery"?  What the hell "funds" are you talking about? 

Yes, your fund's delivery from HSBC Bank, London. Get back urgently or call me asap.


Fine.  Fly into DIA (Denver International Airport).  Rent a vehicle.  Drive out of the airport to I-70 east bound...follow the signs to Burlington, CO.  Take the first exit off the highway and go south 10 miles.  I'm in the first house on the right. 



We need your full residential or shipment address and a scanned copy of your Identification. We did not request for description from you sir.
Text or call for further advise.

If you're flying to my location -- you specifically asked for the nearest airport to me -- that's what I gave you.  That and directions on how to find me.  What the f**k else do you need?  I mean, you say you have a consignment to deliver to me, right?  So...I've told you how to do that.  You want to get paid for the delivery, right?  I have the cash on hand.  You contacted me...I'm telling you how to successfully complete the delivery. 

We need your full residential or shipment address and a scanned copy of your Identification. We did not request for description from you sir.

My street address, if that's what you're wanting, is (the street address for the local county airport of a small border town in Eastern CO).
Here's my DL.  (which is a copy of a bogus one I use with scammers when they insist on one)
(so after a few hours, I follow up with this)
So when can I expect you?  I've got a farm to run and can't sit around all day waiting on you. 
(after this draws no response, I dog them further)

What the hell...did you get LOST or something?  I told you specifically how to find me. 



Attn. Mr. Ben,
If you think I am joking or playing games then your be a very unserious joker. When you are ready for me delivery then you get serious and get me what I need. You have 24 hours to do so as I am about rounding up my duty here and go back.
I gave you what you need to deliver the so-called consignment.  Right now, I don't believe you because you're acting very unprofessional and petulant.  Any authentic delivery I've ever been contacted about would have taken what I gave you, delivered the consignment, and received payment for their time and effort.  If you want to make the delivery and receive payment for having delivered it, you will follow the directions I gave you.  Otherwise, you may put your unprofessional, inept ass back on a plane and return to wherever it is you climbed out of.  I have no time for pompous dumbasses. 
(you'll notice he likes to repeat himself)
If you think I am joking or playing games then your be a very unserious joker. When you are ready for me delivery then you get serious and get me what I need. You have 24 hours to do so as I am about rounding up my duty here and go back.

(more dogging him time)
your fly is open. 
(that draws no response, so I follow up with waving the carrot before the donkey...)
Funny thing about this...had you actually been professional and MADE THE DELIVERY, your fee would have been paid IN CASH.  You're a fool for being such an unprofessional yutz. 
(then I follow up with a comment that should have put an end to the exchange...I use a term most overseas scammers recognize as 'they're onto us':  the Nigerian word for "big fool", mugu)
Opportunity WASTED  ;-)  Your boss must consider you quite the mugu. 
(And that should be that...but it ain't):
Attn. Mr. Ben,
This are the information we need immediately:-
(1) The Nearest Airport To Your House
(2) Your Complete Shipment Address with Zip Cde, City
(3) A Copy of your identification
(4) Your Direct Cell Phone Number

Once we receive that, we shall proceed with delivery. I have completed all protocols to make the delivery a success.

I'll get back to you later today with all particulates.  (aka, game on).
(so I give him a new made-up address in a new town east of the original one, using the county airport outside of the original one as my nearest airport, and the moron buys it)
We have tried booking a flight but has been told there is nothing like Bethune Airport in Burlington. Please what is the name of the airport and it code? Eg; Baltimore Airport in Maryland is BMD. Cleveland Airport in Ohion is CLE and John Kenedy in NY is JFK.

Please give us precise information and deviate from giving us incomplete information.

Waiting to hear from you.

My bad...it's called the Kit Carson County Airport, just south of Burlington, CO (ROX)
Bethune is the town I live in, which is just west of Burlington.  This is the closest airport to me. 
We couldn't get a direct flight from my location to Burlington, CO hence we are coming through Denver, CO and bellow is my flight details.
US Airways
Flights 2870 / 1861
1 Stop
Depart: 5:57 PM
Cleveland, OH (CLE)
Arrive: 9:55 PM
Denver, CO (DEN)
Connect in: Charlotte
Total Travel Time: 5 hrs 58 mins
Airport Address: 8500 Peña Blvd  Denver, CO 80249, United States
Phone Number: (303) 342-2000
My Ohone Number: 301 660 2047

You can call the airport for any inquiries you may wish to make concerning the flight.

You are going to be responsible for the Non Inspection Fee of the shipment which is calculated at the rate of $655 and payable to out protocols officer here through information bellow:
Name: William Oberschlake (and here's my '09 *TOING*)
Location: Cleveland - Ohio, USA.
Western Union or Money Gram is acceptable.

See you later and hope you keep a nice champaign for me

So, am I to meet you in Denver?  (now we really start to play)
Attn. Mr. Ben,

I have been expecting your calls. You are not coming to Denver to meet me except you want to sir. I will proceed to your destination and delivery but the only thing you need to do is be at home to pay for the cap, taxi that will bring me.

Send the fee today accordingly and get back at me with required information.

(he ain't very familiar with a map of Colorado, is he?  A taxi from DIA to Bethune?  BWHAHAHAHAHAHA)
So that I am sure I understand:
You are flying to Denver
I am not to meet you in Denver but you'll travel to my place in Bethune.  Via taxi?  Yowza.
I am to wire some money to a William Oberschflake in Cleveland, OH.   Who is he? 
Let us know so we can rebook the flight.

You are going to be responsible for the Non Inspection Fee of the shipment which is calculated at the rate of $655 and payable to out protocols officer.  He is our protocols officer.

Well, if you need to actually make the delivery at my address, then I will be at my address when you arrive.  You did keep my address and directions to Bethune, CO, right?  I will get this $665 sent to Mr. Oberschflake as soon as possible by the means at hand. 
(since he don't know I still have the physical mailing address for this character in Ohio, he doesn't question what I mean by the "means at hand")
Attn. Mr. Ben,

It was nice talking to you.

We have your address (one I made up in Bethune). If your phone mobile? Can you receive a text message. If so text me and I will reply. If not I will try and call you early this morning. Endeavor to send the fee this morning to enable me complete the delivery. Once I hear from you I will reconfirm the flight/arrival schedule to you.

I understand that I am responsible for the fee of $655?  Yes.  That phone number is not a mobile one, and it's not a text msg kind.  It's a standard land line telephone.  I have not yet been willing to get a cell phone; my computer's email program is quite adequate for texting for me.
Mr. Oberschflake should be receiving the fee shortly.  I will advise you when I expect he has it. 
And how WILL he be receiving "the fee"?  Via USPS, just like he received the 'certified check' in '09.
And what IS "the fee" he'll be receiving?  Well...I can't make change for $655/665, but I don't mind paying a bonus with seven of these:
Along with the 'fee', he'll receive this hand-writ note from none other than hisself, Ben Dover, (substandardly played by my pet rock, Seymour........."PHFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT!!")
Mr. William Oberschflake
(his street address & city in Ohio)
Re: Rev. Michael Appleton's delivery 'fee'

Esteemed and sauteed Sir,

Here is the 'fee'. I've even included a bonus: you asked for $665, I'm giving you an even $700. The script is legal tender....up your ass.


And now, we wait....*Jeopardy Theme*  But not long, as the good 'Rev' et al starts getting antsy:

I am still waiting to hear from you. Has the fee been sent? What's going on? I was suppose to have completed this delivery before today sir. 

No worries, sir.  The payment is on its way to the protocol man.

What method are you using to send the fee? 

A tried and true method that never fails, Rev.  You will shortly be graced with the fee payment.  

And then, the expected word...and just about what I expected from what I sent to the 'agent' via snail mail who suddenly finds Ben Dover knows where he lives:

Attn. Mr. Ben,

Our agent has received the fee you sent. Just what kind of sh** are you try to pull?  These are not real.  

This will be a pleasurable response:

Who, me pull sh**?  My fee payment is every bit as real as your delivery, Rev.  But what should be of more concern for you and your protocol agent....does your protocol agent find it interesting that I knew WHERE to send the delivery via the USPS?  He should...he and I have crossed paths before.  Then, he was acting as agent for faux CIA agent Hector Graig.  Ring a bell, William?

I'm sure it does, William.  At any rate...it's enough that you/he know that you/he is found. 

So...when can I expect you in Bethune, Rev/William?  

Rev. Michael Appleton/W. Oberschflake couldn't resist squeezing in one last salvo:

Your the most stupid man on earth.

Some would agree with this, seeing as how I've corresponded with a moron mugu like you all this time.  But then, who got the 'scream' dollars, hmmmmm? 

That seemed to close the latest chapter in Scamdumbville.

Except that I have his opening gambit email in another account....  ;-)




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Blogger Sandee said...

No, you're the most funny man on earth. Bwahahahahahahahaha. Looks like legal tender to me. Well for this jerk it is.

Have a terrific day. My best to Seymour. ☺

03 September, 2013 18:22  
Blogger Right Truth said...

"a domestically-located scammer who I exposed to his local police in '10, in Ohio" ... But since he didn't actually scam you, no crime was committed and the cops did nothing?

Maybe you should set up a bank account with limited funds so you can send out a real check and really get scammed and then see if the cops would do anything. Probably not unless it was a large sum of money, which you would not want to risk. If you could send him a check for just a few dollars and get him to cash it, still, the cops would not be interested.

Sad very sad.

Right Truth

04 September, 2013 10:19  

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