Saturday, August 10, 2013

How Many Kinds of Dating?

I think it's good that I'm too poor to be dating these days.

Or mebbe I'm just chickensh*t.  My pet rock, Seymour, suggests it's more of the latter than the former.

In the past three weeks, I have saved (as opposed to sh*tcanned, like usual) every email regarding dating that I receive.

I don't mean the scam ones; those I either edit or scambait.  Being called an a-hole by those folks is a trophy I live for.

No, the ones I'm talking about here are the online dating sites and services that expect you to pay to get divorced by way of long term relationships and marriage.

Well, maybe that's not what they mean...that's just what Seymour said is frequently the outcome.

There speaks a bitter rock when it comes to his carbondating experiences of late.


Here's the deal:  in the past three weeks, I have received email 'offers' from E-Harmony; It's Just Lunch; Zoosk;; Facebook, Hi 5 and Fubar.  I've received emails offering me the opportunity to join groups for military dating. Christian dating.  Jewish dating.  Russian dating.  Asian dating.  Black dating.  Geek dating.  Dating liberals (perish the thought).  Dating conservatives.  Dating libertarians.  Dating millionaire/sses.  Dating golfers.  Dating over 50.  Dating under 50s who want to date over 50s.  Dating married folk who want to cheat.  Dating singles who want to get married so that they CAN cheat.

I think there might have actually been a solicitation for dating store window dummies and illegal aliens.  If there wasn't as yet, someone, somewhere, is putting together an online service for it.

For fun, I signed up for this Hi 5 thing under one of my scambaiting characters, just to see what kind of responses I'd draw.  My profile pic?  Well, here's what they accepted:

Rather amusing, because I tried to submit this picture first, and they wouldn't accept it:

At any rate, my 'character' -- with his picture as the Noid -- is on Hi 5.  And since I got there, I've received a couple dozen solicitations.

A few don't have a picture; most of them do.  A few claim that they look like this:

A few actually post pictures like this:

Hubba hubba, eh?

Of course, those who've contacted my character with the picture of the Noid send me messages like this:

"Hey...Ever textf**ked online?"

And all this time, I thought a real non-starter in barlight dating scenes was a line like "I forgot my phone number...can I have yours?"

Oh I said, I'm too poor to be dating these days.  And with some of the responses my 'character' is getting....Seymour's not wrong there, either.

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Blogger Sandee said...

The first chick is cute, but that second one is a two bagger. Yikes.

Have a terrific day. My best to Seymour. :)

10 August, 2013 09:38  
Blogger Serena said...

Lord, have mercy. Apparently, dating is some scary territory these days. I guess I'm glad I can't afford it, too.:)

11 August, 2013 18:36  
Blogger Right Truth said...

"geek dating"?

That's a new one.

Love the picture of the gal in red, she's a keeper (not).

I'm always fascinated with FaceBook friend requests. I get them all the time from men, I don't know what attracts them. All I post is links to articles at Right Truth and use my "wonder woman" outfit picture.

My hubby gets FaceBook requests from women all the time. Most looking for "sugar daddies".

You can never believe anything they say, you can't depend on the images they use, they could all be men, who knows. Probably look like that gal in the red outfit you posted. ha

I would Hate to be dating again. I sure would not go to any of these dating sites.

Poor Seymour needs to find someone close to home, some one he can take a look at before committing.

Right Truth

13 August, 2013 22:02  
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