Friday, June 30, 2017

Seymour And North Korean PMS

My pet rock, Seymour, misses no chance to tweak North Korean pudgmeister Kim Jong Un with an edit.

I did warn him that he was venturing into hazardous ground with this one, though.


The article that Seymour chose to edit was one about North Korean women and how they are rallying against the USA.

OMG: North Korea's Women Are PMSing And Coming to Get Us

Seymour PetRock – WTFNS

Hundreds of cattily dressed, goose stepping women marched in central Pyongyang recently, vowing to seek revenge on the United States. With their fists held high in traditional DNC “Resist!” mode, they voiced their anger against the USA, demanding that Trey Parker and Matt Stone make that long put off Team America World Police sequel, starring Kim Jong Un.

North Korea's state newspaper Hang Dong Phuk announced the march in an article published for the first time in a while that didn't get any one on the paper's staff executed. The newspaper also revealed that officials and members of the women’s union gathered at a shrine to McDonalds to get a large shipment of quarter pounders with cheese to deliver to Kim Jong Un while vowing retribution against the U.S.

The women called for an intensification of "a growing DNC style class education" to spread the message that Nancy Pelosi needs to be replaced with an inflatable yak before the U.S. is no longer North Korea's “principal enema.”

North Korea frequently declares war on the United States because of Trey Parker and Matt Stone's refusal to make a Team America World Police sequel that stars Kim Jong Un as son of space cockroach to his space cockroach father (in the first TAWP), Kim Jong Il. Recently, cowed workers and members of the General Federation of Trade Unions met in front of the Central Lack of Class Education House to also plan retaliation against the United States for failure to make that sequel.
Both events took place unnoticed by anyone in the US, since North Korea amounts to a pimple on the sizeable butt of Hellary Clinton.

Moon Jae-in, South Korea’s new president, sent PMSing North Korean women into Hellary-like post-election fits of hysteria by saying "I believe we must now have the perception that North Korea is an irrational regime, very much like the DNC".

North Korean language doesn't have the flexibility that works well with talking points from the DNC when it's hashtagged by former hash tag hag Marie Barf; which is why certain words or phrases like "relegated" are often mispronounced.  North Korea is now "vowing revenge" on the United States; until recently, every attack or threat was preceded by the words "merciress,", which drives Kim Jong Un bonkers.

When a U.S. aircraft carrier joined the South Korean military preparedness drills in March, North Korea threatened a “merciress attack” in response. On March 3, North Korea promised another “merciress attack” as U.S and South Korean war games got underway. In 2014, the North Koreans vowed a “merciress response”to Seth Rogan’s controversial film The Interview. When Donald Trump recently got two scoops of ice cream, the North Koreans raged about having “a merciress response”.
When it was revealed that J. R. Ewing was not shot by Kim Il Sung on Dallas, the North Koreans vowed a “merciress response”. When The Gong Show was cancelled in 1978, the North Koreans demanded renewal or there would be “a merciress response”.  When the original formula for Coca Cola was changed, the North Koreans seethed about "a merciress response".   When McDonalds cancelled the McRib sandwich, the North Koreans vowed a "merciress response".

"We're not sure that the North Koreans know what a "merciless response" -- or however they say it -- means in English", said a Department of Defense anonymous source.   "It probably has as many definitions there as "is" does in the DNC".  

WTFNS reached out to NOW for their reaction to threats from North Korean women, but the NOW spokesgenderneutral was busy donning a vagina costume to go protest something about Trump and refused comment. 

Seymour, as always, manages to piss off about everyone on the Left and in North Korea.  Maybe the next "merciress response" threat will be directed at him.


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Blogger Sandee said...

I love it when Seymour takes on the left. There is so much to work with and you've done an excellent job of it yet again.

Have a fabulous day and weekend, Seymour. my best to your dad. ☺

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