Friday, June 9, 2017


Meet Vera Mensah, scammer from Ghana.  Not that she introduced herself as such.

No, she's got some kind of a gold scam she's trying to work here.

She proved easy to side track all starts here with her opening gambit:

I am Miss. Vera Mensah, i am 28 years of age and i am single residing in Tema Ghana with my mum and younger sister my father is late and my late father work as Personnel Maneger to Kenoli Gold Mining Company Limited Ghana. 
I have choose you to assist me not by own doing my dear but by the special grace of God most gracious the most merciful. When my father was still alive he deposited a box of Gold worth 150KG worth  millions of dollars with a security company on my behalf but he instructed them through his lawyer that the treasure box should be released to me only when am married or if i present my future husband or a Trustee this has made things difficult for me because for now am still single. I really need your assistance so that the security company can release this treasure box after which i shall come to your country and settle down with you and complete my education the death of my father cut short my education and i did not finish in the university.
Please i will like you to assure me that you will keep this very transaction and myself secret pending the release of the treasure box. I will be expecting your immediate reply and your assurance to keep this very transaction secret without involving or disclosing it to a third party and am sorry for my late response.Attached to this mail is my pictures and i will appreciate if you can send yours too so that i can know you better. Finally, I can send you sample of the Gold which you can take to any Gold dealer and confirm it but this can only be done when i must have presented you as my future husband or husband so that they can make it official.
Miss Vera.  
And of course, she included the picture you see as her bona fides.
My character took it a different direction immediately:
Sorry, cain't hep ya.....yo thighs is too fat.  
That hit a noive:
Well am surprised with your response are we talking about thighs or the business at hand? I need you to be my trustee please.    
 Ah'm talkin' bout yo thighs. They too fat.  
My thighs has nothing with you being my trustee OK? Leave the thighs and be my trustee   

Be up front: your thighs are fat. Admit the obvious and we can begin to discuss business.  

My thighs are not fat.  What is wrong with you?  

If your thighs aren't fat, then what's up with the photo you sent?  The woman in that photo is you?  that woman has fat thighs.  Admit it.  Fat   thighs.  

Are your thighs fat?  

Not like yours.  

Are you going to forget my thighs and be my trustee or not?  

Are you going to admit that you have fat thighs so we can proceed with business or not?  

What is it with you and my thighs?  

They're fat, that's what.  

Don't write to me any more.

Fine..but you'll still have fat thighs.  

...the 'thighs' have it.  The measure is passed...

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