Sunday, February 12, 2017

Seymour Continues His Edit Baiting Of Kim Jong Un

When it comes to Kim Jong Un -- the pudgemeister of North Korea -- my pet rock, Seymour, is relentless.

Seymour noted a recent article about how Un was observing with satisfaction a simulated attack on the presidential palace of his South Korean rival, and saw how it fit into Un's 'un'quenched thirst for Trey Parker and Matt Stone -- the South Park and Team America World Police creators -- to make a sequel of the latter, with hisself, Kim Jong Un, in a central role.

Something the real Un is probably clueless about, save for in Seymour's edits.

Like this one:

North Korea simulates special farces attack on a Trump Tower cheeseburger factory

By Seymour PetRock -- WTFNS

North Korean misleader Kim Jong-un has filed a lawsuit with the 9th Shortcircuit Court of Appeals of Laughter to force electors voting on December 19 to vote him 270 electoral votes so that he can occupy the US presidential office.
Unnamed sources said that Un “wants his wife to start a kimshi lunch stand” there.
The dictator was pictured laughing as his press suckretary explained how Kim Jong Un intended to force the electors to vote for him and position him to – by executive action – get Trey Parker and Matt Stone to make that long awaited Team America World Police sequel that will feature Un.
The exercise was aimed at "minimizing references to that insignificant skank Jill Stein," state-run news agency KGAG said.
Photos of the drill show the North Korean leader surrounded by his assorted genitals as he watched the filing through binoculars from an observation post that is also used to watch how cheeseburgers are made.
KGAG reported him saying: "Yung dang po pun whack luk duk twuk phuck, epoontang ding chow ping."
CNN "weakly condemned" the event and warned that jibberish like that could prompt them to offer Anthony Weiner a time slot for Sexting With Weiner on CNN.
A spokesman for Trump said: "Like WTF...I already read about this from John Podesta's hacked emails, and if the Donald still had a reality show, he (Kim Jong Un) would be as fired as Hellary just was”.
The full-scale mock-up of a cheeseburger factory was photoshopped from an episode of South Park, a personal favorite of Kim Jong Un.
The barbaric culinary exercise comes as a sore loser elector in Colorado seeks to get the courts to allow him to cast hisNorth Korean electoral vote for the age spots on Harry Reid's prunesque backside.
Wimphouse spokesdouche Josh Earnest, who has assumed the role of lame dork dimwit, held an emergency press conference and ordered the lamestream servile mediocres to focus their misreporting on Green Party demands that Russian votes be recounted in the 1980 presidential election.

   On an unrelated digression, the United Nations Suckretary Genital recently voted to rebush Hans Brix after Kim Jong Il's pet shark Dennis Rodman ate him in Parker and Stones first Team America movie. “We insist that democracy be disemboweled before President Obola and his husband Moochelle leave orifice”, Earnest said before blaming the Russians for that hacked typo on the teleprompter.  

Seymour's misguided quest for a Pultizer continues, but I think he is closing in on a participation award.


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Blogger Sandee said...

This is why I love Seymour. This is why.

Have a fabulous day Seymour. My best to your dad. ☺

12 February, 2017 09:38  

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