Thursday, September 24, 2015

Planned Abhorrenthood Gets A Role In Email Editing

My pet rock, Seymour, doesn't think much of the Left.  Probably because there's not much thinking that goes on over there.

But email scammers fit right in with the Left.

So the pet rock's latest edit took that into account.

Here's a scam from an online orphanage, written by a person or persons of Third World education...aka in a leftist dumbed down public skool:

power house Orphanage is a non- governmental, non-profit organisation established to provide shelter, clothing, emotional care and hope for a better future for the less privileged children in our society. We have been doing this for years but now we are very low in finesse. This children are staving, some are dripping out from school. We need your support You can help us by Sponsoring a Child� Education, Donating, Volunteering and Celebrating Special days with us With dozens of children to care for, we appreciate receiving donations in cash or kind. For more INFO. Email .... May God bless you as u help this little ones.  
Yes, it arrived just as you see it there.  Probably a Berkeley college stupent's pHd thesis.
Well, the pet rock thought some leftist themes fit well with this edit:
Planned Abhorrenthood Organage is a governmental, for-profit disorganisation established to provide parts is parts for the less privileged employees of Planned Abhorrenthood in our leftist dysfunctional society that want to be able to afford lamborlinguinis or some other pricey, undeserved sh*t. We have been doing this for years but now we are very low in finesse as noted by those damned undercover videos that outted us. msnbc and the demoncraps still support us because they value money and votes over human lives.  We demand your support You can help us by Sponsoring an overweight, honesty-challenged female candidate for president that can't run an email server but wants to ruin a country.  Celebrating Special days with us With dozens of Ferguson looters highly recommended by Al Sharpton.  we appreciate receiving donations of cash or body parts...the latter we sell to the highest bidder. For more INFO. Email us:  .... May Margaret Sanger damn your prodigy if you don't vote for hellary.  
My pet rock is convinced that he has *followers* at the DNC.  I would agree, though not for the same reasons that Seymour thinks.  Meanwhile, back at Scam Central, the dumbed down yutz that sent the original scam was amazingly confused by what the pet rock done to his/her/its scam:

hello what the meaning of this  

Oh goodie...more dialogue:

you tell sent it.  

that not what we send it  

well that what I got it.  What you think you send it? 

Danged if he didn't try to 'splain:

i am Evangelist barry mark by name and i run powerhouse Orphanagehome all by myself. A non-governmental organization (NGO) here in NIGERIA. In the facility we have 147 children. The facility has eight dormitory rooms to house the 147 children.There are 40 staff to care
for them 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Most of the children enter the Orphanage because their parents either live on the street or are deceased.  The children mostly come from NIGERIA with a few being from SOUTH AFRICA.

And he ends it thus:

Thank you for taking your time to look into our condition, we will appreciate it if you could help us, sir we are very sorry we currently do not have website as we have not gathered enough funds to do that, but our details you can find below sir.

joy barry Orphanage Home.
Contact Number: +234-81-862-77716
Address: 12,royal road benin . Edo state. Nigeria

Thank you for taking time to read this email and helping us

You can make donations to us through Western Union Transfer(W.U.T) with
these details:

NAME: barry mark

After payment you are to send us this details:

Your Name you used in Donating:
Your Location;
Text Question:
Text Answer:
Amount Donated:
Sender's Phone number:  

See how the name of the orphanage changed?  Now a little internet research determined that there is a Joy Orphanage in Nigeria...and "barry mark" ain't any part of it.

Still, I wasn't done widdem:

I has a few questions to ax you:
1.  Most of your organs are from Nigeria and a few from South Africa; how do the South Africans get there? 
2.  You said you run Powerhouse Organage by yourself then at the end you call it Joy Barry Organage.  Which is it?
3.  Are you affiliated with Planned Abhorrenthood?
4.  Why are there no Somalis, Beninians or Senegalese there?  Are you biased against them?
5.  You didn't say how much of a donation you wanted.
6.  What will my donation do for one organ?  Sally Struthers always told us what our donation would do.  Will you?  

beloved this is a africa union ,,, some children flew to south Africa because of lack of funds. 

my it was my mmum name that is joy .. she is dead now  beloved try and help us the children really need your help  

You didn't answer my key question...are you affiliated with Planned Abhorrenthood?  

who is this?  

It's a zombified collection of leftist ghouls that sell baby parts for profit.  Kinda fits in with any cannibal inclinations you may have, eh?  

And that was finally all it took to shut down another line of scam communications  ;-)  They must not like planned abhorrenthood, either.


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Blogger Sandee said...

No they just want your money.

Your graphic is spot on. That's exactly what a tolerant liberal does.

Have a fabulous day Mike. My best to Seymour. ☺

24 September, 2015 08:33  
Blogger Blue said...

Oh gawd...

26 September, 2015 22:05  

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