Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Editing Execution With Pet Rock Precision

My pet rock, Seymour, just can't seem to hep hisself.  When he sees ANYTHING in the news about Kim Jong Un, itsssssssssssssssssssssssss edit time!

Here's Seymour's latest edit execution with the North Korean pudgemeister:

N. Korea's vice premier 'executed' in Kim Jong Un style

© KMAO via WTF News Soivice

Seoul (WTFNS) – Wearing a “I hose me another one!” grin, North Korean pudgemeister Kim Jong Un announces that North Korea's vice premier Choe Rong-Gon has been executed for voicing frustration at the unfulfilled demands by Un to be in a Team America World Police movie sequel, WTFNS has learned from Kim Jong-Un, citing himself as an anonymous source so that he won't have to execute himself for pissing himself off, which in today's North Korea is a very real worry.

Choe, who took the job in June 2014, was executed by being dragged from Pyongyang to Kaesong by a herd of 'roid raging hamsters. Rong-Gon was dragged to oblivion – a suburb of Kaesong – after voicing opposition to Un's single-minded obsession with being the star in a Team America World Police movie sequel. Rong-Gon reportedly also expressed astonishment at Un's forestry policies promoted by Un which involve planting and growing trees at the bottom of the Yellow Sea.

Choe has not been seen by the North's state media since last October when he last visited a one-of-a-kind velociraptor petting zoo in Wonsan, it added, in another apparent sign that Kim Jong Un isn't done with exotic methods for executing those that piss him off. 

Rong-Gon's death, if confirmed – the 'roid raging hamsters haven't returned calls from WTFNS and the spokesraptor at the petting zoo in Wonsan ate our reporter – would be the second thousandth or so reported in the past couple weeks. Un has “rearry been on the rag ratery” according to that same anonymous source that may be Kim Jong Un keeping himself anonymous so he doesn't have to execute himself to avoid embarrassing himself.     
That should take care of any more page views from China for a while.   

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Blogger Sandee said...

Wow, those roid raging hamsters are a mean bunch. Bwahahahahahaha.

Well done Seymour.

My best to your dad. ☺

15 September, 2015 10:02  

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