Sunday, September 6, 2015

Gibberish 1 Spellcaster 0

You may or may not remember this:  when Bugs Bunny and an Australian aborigine had an "unga BUNGA" duel of gibberish...before the aborigine went total whackadoodle.

That was probably 75 or so years ago.

Yet..."unga bunga" can still illicit the most curious in responses from those of a scamming antecedence.

Especially one who bills hisself as a "spellcaster".

Here's his opening gambit:

Hello and welcome, Here is the lasting solution to all your worries, I am Dr Ayelala a powerful and great spell caster what is your worries now here is a stop to that worries you have kept to your self.
1. Getting your lover or husband back
2. Spiritual bulletproof
3. Training
4. Money spell
5. Long life spell
6. Prosperity spell
7. Protection spell
8. Get a job spell
9. Becoming a manager spell
10. Get a huge loan without paying any fee spell
11. Getting your scam money back
12. Child spell
13. Pregnancy spell
14. Freedom spell
15. Love spell
16, vanishing spell
17. Invisible human spell
18. Success or pass spell
19. Marriage spell
20. Avenging spell
21. Popularity spell
22. Killing spell
23. Cancer spell
24. Supernatural power spell
25. Madness spell
26. Free house loan spell
27. Production spell of films and Movie
28. HIV/AIDS Cure
29. Tuberculosis spell
30. Loose weight and body spell
Feel free to contact me on my private mail box  
Recollecting how successful Bugs Bunny was with his response...well, I decided to try it anyway:
It becomes obvious that our spellcaster never saw that particular cartoon:
Hello,If i may ask what is your worry and please be specific with what you are doing and saying right now  
Unga bunga bunga bunga BINGA BANGA BOINGA BUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGA!  Spell cast THAT, twatwaffle.  
I can help you with the spell sacrifice all you have to is get the
items charge which is 300 us dollars as soon this is done you will see
positive results within 2 hours...May the Gods be in your favour  
I can be taken for only $300?  Brother, can you spare me $300?  Neither can I:
I can help you with the spell sacrifice but all you must is get 300 us dollars to me and I make for you positive results within 2 hours.   
For 300 donut I ubanga wanga wanga woo unga BUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGAAAAAAAA!  You want chash or keck?  
So now I wait to hear his choice of chash or keck...

Hello, let me know when you can make the payment now okay and note that i take what i do very serious   
For 300 donuts, I'm sure that you soitenly try to.  Where for art I send mine moneys, smellcaster?  

He can't even unga the bunga:

Hello...You will have to send the money through the western union money transfer.You will find the deails
Receiver's Name:
Receiver's Country:
Receiver's State:
You will have to send yours also
Sender's Name:
Sender's Country:
Sender's State:
May peace be with you.  
Okay unga bunga...what's your name, country and state?  Or do I just make it up and let the money deliver itself?  
Hello thanks for your mail there was an error while typing the details below you will find the correct details please do not delay as am about to proceed, You will have to get back with the western union payment slip and Mtcn 
Receiver's Name: Ikhine Eronmonsele
Receiver's Country: Nigeria
Receiver's State: Edo  
How was it that I just KNOWD you'd be in Nigeria?  Be that as it's spelled...I'll get back to you in a day or so on this.  Unga takes a bit of bunga to process.  

Hello...Do not question the Gods you are to get the charge for the items sent down to help you with what you seek for okay. Ikhine Eronmonsele is the name i use to get money from the western union and people send fee and charges through that understood.  
*Uh oh...I'm about to be turned into a platypus*
"Question the gods"?  Unga binga banga bunga!  Are you a god?  Why not go by your name Ayelala Mayowa?    

Hello...May peace be unto you i want to tell you once and for all now I am Ayelala Mayowa and i speak on behalf of the Gods(Odumego) Okay! I want you to know that i cherish serious minded people who wish and want to get a lasting solution to their problems. Let me know ahem you are sending the money for the items okay  
Unga Bunnnnnnnnnnnnnnga.  Look for da money on Thursday, Odumego.  

And on Thursday mid morning, my character emailed him this:

Money is sent.  Awaiting for you to do that voodoo that you do so wellllllllllllllllll.....  

How you send the money?  i need the mtcn number.  what is this voodoo you talk?  

Isn't voodoo that voodoo that you do?  What mtcn?  I sent money, not numbers.  

Stop with voodoo talk.  i need mtcn to get money.  what is it?  

Uh oh...

What please is mtcn???  

Never mind your mtcn...I just checked with Western Union and someone turned my $300 into a platyraptor.  What kinda spellcasting sh*t are you pulling here?  

I guess that was all Dr. Ayelala Mayowa, spellcaster, could take from Ben more email, so I wonder what he's trying to turn Ben into?  I hope that whatever it is, it can still type.

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Blogger Sandee said...

twatwaffle is my new word. Bwahahahahahahahahahaha.

You see for $300.00 you'd have that spell but oh no, you're not going there.

Have a fabulous day Mike. My best to Seymour. ☺

06 September, 2015 09:09  

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