Friday, September 18, 2015

The Pet Rock Is Not Amused

My pet rock, Seymour, sees this photo as a country defender vs a doped up community disorganizer.

I hate to tell him that it's worse than that.  The pet rock gets easily rattled.

"Do NOT!!!"

Really?  Let Seymour tell us how unrattled he is, as he edits another obola-inspired "divide us" power grab by his inept (with the environment) EPA:

EPA Launches 'Globull Environmental Ism' Crusade

By Seymour PetRock – WTF News Soivice

Regulation: If you're anything other than an Obola supporter seeking to make a living of any kind, look out. You may be accused of any number of a new bunch of made up "mental isms."

If you weren't aware any kind of govern "mental" and any kind of "ism" could go together, you're not alone. But then, this White House has set the bar for abject stupidity at the lowest level in history.  And is still digging deeper.

For example, it has tasked the EPA with conjuring up "environmental justice communities" and protecting them against what it sees as job creators.

Behind the scenes, EPA HUAucraps are finalizing the new guidelines, known collectively as "Let's Turn Every Town in America Into Deadtroit Framework" to be integrated into everything, from moochelle school lunch denigraters to zebras farting in the boy's room.

Overseeing implementation is a collection of inept, marxist-oriented nincompoops selected by Al Sharpton, Marie Barf (complete with hashtags) and the DNC toilet paper enforcement squad, all working at cross purposes to effectively neuter anyone that thinks the Left is beyond full of inert compost.

Racially balancing pollution, ZIP code by ZIP code, is a hot topic of the group's meetings. So is insectually balancing ZIP codes, weather balancing ZIP codes, balancing lootable locations for hashtagged grievanced groups by ZIP code...and it will be led by a web of environmental justice and civil rights orifices comprising a vast and lasting leftist cancer of dumbasscrapic butt polyps.

One of EPA's draft goals is "to distract everyone from the piss poor environmental job the EPA did in Colorado on the Animas River, and punish those who've not 'seen the light' of allowing aggrieved and approved groups to riot, loot and pillage at will, to protect environmental justice from being capsized by common sense and the rule of law, like Congressman Johnson warned us about Guam", stammered EPA chief Gina McCarthy.

Kids with lemonade stands will be forced to weigh the "disparate impacts" of those stands on low information democraps. Those lemonade stands deemed to pose "disproportionate harm" could be attacked and looted. The policy threatens to turn every population center of 50 or more into Deadtroit, Burntimore, Ferguson and Shotcago.

McCarthy asserts that “anything from the rule of law, decency, job creation and self-responsibility/accountability, resulting in high rates of employment and reduced dependency of cancerous democrap power is NOT going to be tolerated."

Already EPA screws up the economy for millions of Americans, but that's not enough, McCarthy insists. “We must force billions of dollars in added costs in new compliance expenses that further force dependency on democraps on the populace”.

At the same time, Title VI of the Civil Rights Act will be applied to animals, trees, plants and cartoon characters as a brillo pad enema against anyone that objects.

Already it has used the civil rights tool to block two Florida cities from moving a trolley maintenance facility to "a place where it would create jobs" and to force a Dayton, Ohio, suburb to install three “police free zones” on a shopping mall, because denial would have caused "disproportionate harm to looters."

How can anyone be sure of what the f*** is going on with the lamestream servile mediocres we have that back up every ridiculous power grab the left sleazily tries? Ever *helpful*, the EPA is mapping 'zones' that will make people like Al Sharpton wet themselves with glee, and multiply EPA disasters like the Animas River that the EPA will then have to distract folks from by creating more “environmental justice” to keep decent folks from jackslapping the EPA across the borders into three large bodies of water full of predatory mammals that don't care that the EPA has a hashtag #IloveGreatWhiteSharks, Marie Barf chairpoison.

This latest social engineering crusade will have the familiar unintended consequences that the left counts on to widen dependency on their ever-accelerating stupidity. President Obola has opened yet another hoax to his ever-changing and expanding leftist cancer.   

Yeah, I can see how Seymour isn't rattled by any of this.

"Am TOO!!!"

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Blogger Sandee said...

And Nobama thinks he's done the best job ever as president. He's the worst president in my lifetime.

Great job Seymour.

Have a fabulous day. My best to your dad. ☺

18 September, 2015 11:21  

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