Sunday, July 13, 2014

North Korea's Military Is Pissed

Think this cat looks pissed?  And not just 'cuz he's swimming.

According to my editing pet rock, Seymour, wait until you hear the rest of the story.  

North Korea just can't catch a break.  And here, the Left touts how great Marxism is.  You wouldn't know it based on North Korea, the pmsnbc of the Orient.

The pet rock -- a lover of online news -- saw that North Korea is suffering from a drought.  So much so, that the Pirrbury Doughboy Kim Jong Un has mobirized the miritary there.

To do what?

Seymour thought rong and hard on that...and came up with this:

North Korea army mobilized as dry conditions require “unusuar measures”   

By Dick N Widyall June 23, 2014 6:03 AM

SEOUL (SENS) - North Korea's rivers, streams and reservoirs are running dry in a prolonged drought, state media said on Monday, while dogs aren't starving as Kim Jong Un sees to thinning out his family tree, along with meteorologists.

So what's Un come up with this time? Well, besides signing on with agw fraud AlGore, Un has a uniquely North Korean solution to the problem of saving their crops from drought: mobilize its million-strong army to refill the rivers of the country.

By peeing in them.

Say WHAT says you? “You better berieve it” responded Un in a scripted interview with state-controlled media in Washington, DC. “It's my pran. I work very rong and hard on this pran, and I know that this pran work because it's my pran” Un said. 
And not only Un's military will be engaging in syncronized urination irrigation; office workers, farmers and women have been mobilized to direct urination irrigation into the dry floors of fields.

In the 1990s, Kim Jong Il was too busy trying to get Trey Parker and Matt Stone to do a puppet movie with him as the central figure, to worry much about food shortages that led to a devastating famine which killed an estimated million people, since none of those people were members of his well-fed military.

Rachal Madcow, of the pmsnbc chapter of Marxism R Good, confirmed the media reports and said that bottled beverages of any kind is in huge demand in Pyongyang right now.

"They're even negotiating with Iran to buy camel pee" Madcow told SENS via carrier pterydactyl.
In some areas, she said, urination irrigation is 70% of even the drinking water.

Higher-than average acidity in the urine has exacerbated damage, affecting wheat, barley and maize, which state media started to report on until Un showed up at the studio with a pack of hungry dogs. Then the reports blamed the West for stealing North Korea's idyllic weather, replacing it with the meteorological equivalent of pillary Clinton.

North Korea has previously blamed racism and sexism for chronic everything sucking in one of the worst leftist udopian places on Earth, after talking to the DNC and The Daily Kos. More rational observers point to the result of Un pursuing the same ideology that ran Deadtroit and other leftist run locations up on the rocks. “The left is renowned for low information, dumbed down bad planning and a highly centralized, inept government”, said an anonymous source as he tried to outrun hungry dogs.  

I'm not thinking that Seymour will be on Kim Jong Un's horiday card rist for this one.


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Blogger Sandee said...

I'm guessing Seymour is happy not to be on his Christmas card rist. I'm just saying.

Have a fabulous day. My very best to my buddy Seymour. :)

13 July, 2014 09:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I sincerely hope your extremely dated racist language is not you're best effort at being funny. You'll do much better if you leave that out it only serves to make you seem ignorant and very backwards.

13 July, 2014 15:01  
Blogger Skunkfeathers said...

I love how all trolls here are anonymous. Thanks for your dated, leftist-worn-out observations, Anon. I'll take your advice under 2050 or so.

14 July, 2014 08:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not a troll, but I am taking issue with the other anonymous. North Korea is a joke. And the post made me laugh.

14 July, 2014 08:19  
Anonymous Debbie said...

Mr. Dick N Widyall may get in trouble for reporting on 'peeing' in the water. Here in the US a guy got in big trouble for that, remember? ha

Right Truth

15 July, 2014 05:57  

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