Tuesday, June 17, 2014

More Illumi-nutzoids

The chick nails it.

Some of the Illumi-knotheads in Nigeria aren't happy with what I've done with their emails.  They visit my blog post(s) on the subject and keep posting their own drivel to try and prop up their fool scam.

Yes...the illumi-nippleheads are a SCAM.

Here's the latest email to prove it:

join the illuminati today and get instant sum of 1 million dollars with a free home any where you choose to live in the world and also get 2500 dollars monthly as a salary... If you are interested please kindly contact  Thepowerfulilluminati@gmail.com. No dirty game, no sacrifices and No evil....is a cult of peace, big aim Illuminati group our email Thepowerfulilluminati@gmail.com this is our mobile number contact us now if want to be a member: +2348138201126 or Email Thepowerfulilluminati@gmail.com

LMAO...the first go-around, they didn't offer me an instant 1 million dollars with a free home, let alone a 2500 dollars monthly salary.  Of course, Nigerian illumi-numbnutz are so swimming in wealth, they email this stuff all over the globe just to be generous.  Of course.

And Boko Haram "recruits" young girls for their islamofascist version of The Dating Game.

I was so (un)impressed with the Nigerian illumi-nitwits that I let my pet rock, Seymour, handle the edit:


I am a Great Irruminati!  Don't you too want to be a Great Irruminati?  Oh pretty prease say you want to be a Great Irruminati!  You hurt my serf esteem if you not want to be a Great Irruminati!  I know how to make you want be a Great Irruminati:  for the next ten persons what emair our emair address -- Thepwerfulilluminati@gmail.com -- we give you a speciar bonus...we wave any shipping fees in return for you getting nothing.  If you want something, you have to pay shipping fees which we get into rater.

What you get after you pay the rater-discussed shipping fees is a promise* of birryuns and birryuns of dorrars, a free mud hut furr of dead fries on the outskirts of Ragos, Nigeria, AND you get a monthry arrowance of 2500 West African francs**.

I know you persons in Deadtroit think this is great bargain!

So make my serf esteem go gooder, and say to me "I want to be Great Irruminati" today!  Operators are standing by watching gorirras smash and rip off their phones.  Don't wait...emair or phone NOW***.

*  Promise one thing...derivery another
**  worth about 9 US dorrars 
***  rong as we have a working phone

This particular dispatcher of the "Great Illumi-nosedorks" didn't respond to Seymour's edit.  Perhaps they don't want a pet rock as a member.

"Do TOO!!!"

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Blogger Sandee said...

Bwahahahahahahahahaha. Seymour is getting better and better with these scammers. Yes he is.

Have a fabulous day. My best to Seymour. ☺

17 June, 2014 07:24  
Anonymous Debbie said...

join the illuminati today and get instant sum of 1 million dollars with a free home any where you choose to live in the world and also get 2500 dollars monthly as a salary....

Is that salary weekly, monthly, yearly??? Might make a difference, but not sure. The million dollars and free home might be enough, ha.

Right Truth

18 June, 2014 07:13  

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