Monday, October 16, 2017

Let's Fake A Deal

Leave it to a scammer to provide me with an opening to recall a famous TV game show from the 1960s-70s.

To see what I mean, feast your eyes on the following scam email:


I am surprised that you did not respond to my previous message till  now. Let me kindly introduce myself again, my name is Mr. Chris Odili.   I am contacting you to see if we can make a deal. I discovered an  unclaimed inheritance fund in our bank.

Actually I don’t have to involve myself officially because of my
position in the Bank but I know what will be required to release the
fund to you and I assure you it is very safe too. Please get back to
me now for more details:

May God bless your golden heart and soul.

Faithfully Yours,

Never mind the assured safety of the transaction or my alleged "golden heart and soul" (which proves he don' know me vewy well, do he?) inner *TOING* was in the first paragraph, and from thence I runneth literarily amuck:

I hadn't responded to your message because until now you hadn't sent me one you simpering dolt. Check your email and try again.  But now that you've sent me one, I can respond to it.

Let's Make A Deal was a game show that had quite a following at one time. So, what happens if I choose what's behind Door #2?

This is serious business please. What are you talk about a number 2 door?

To the people that worked on it, Let's Make A Deal was a serious show. Please do not belittle their brand of serious by falsely elevating your own. And there is a significant different between what's behind Door #2, and a number 2 door. Please look into it and get back to me when you've achieved enlightenment.

Are we going to do business or not?

It depends on your degree of enlightenment and if you understand the difference between what's behind Door #2 and a number 2 door. A zen philosopher could sort you out in a minute on this. Got one? 

After a few days, it would appear that Chris Odili either didn't have a zen philosopher available, or he settled for what was behind Curtain #3, which explains both the *ZONK* and his change of mind about making a deal with me.

Too bad, too:  I really did want to know what was behind Door #2...

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