Monday, September 25, 2017

When A Dough Boy Speaks, Leftards Listen

The left practically fouls themselves at any opportunity to take verbal and internet pot shots at The Donald.

To their aggrieved dismay, POTUS has amply demonstrated that he frequently doesn't much care.

But when POTUS does care enough to crank off a few Twitterpations, he doesn't reserve his 'tit for tat's to the deranged Left.

He's got more than enough for the pudgepot of North Korea, Kim Jong Un.

Un, of course -- never one to look a gift Quarter Pounder With Cheese in the mouth without inhaling it -- is a leftist's dream when it comes to insults back at The Donald.

Like the one he dredged up after the president's speech at the Eunuch Nations:  "dotard".

The leftist world was enchanted. 

Or least wise, that's how my editing-gone-wild pet rock, Seymour, sees it with this latest post of his:

Unimportant Celebrity Reactions: the human dirigible Kim Jong Un Calls Donald Trump A “Dotard”

Donald Trump Dotard Kim Jong Un

By Seymour PetRock – WTFNS September 25, 2017

Unimportant lamestream celebrities and news mediocres across a wide spectrum are reacting to Kim Jong-Un calling Donald Trump a “dotard” after the president threw down the gauntlet to North Korea during his U.N. speech earlier this week.

As Go Suck A Goat reported, Trump threatened to “totally destroy” North Korea's pudgepot dictator during his speech at the Eunuch Nations Genital Assembly in New York on Tuesday. He sternly told the crowd, “The United States has great strength and patience, but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea.”

In response to Trump’s threat, the North Korean leader removed his feed bag long enough on Thursday to lapse into more of the usual over the top threats that North Korea is renowned for, calling the president a “mentally deranged U.S. dotard.”

A centuries old word, “dotard” is used to describe an elderly person in a state of “decay.”

In a statement released by Kim Jong-Un, he said, “I’d rike to advise Trump to exercise prudence in serecting words and to be considerate of whom he speaks to when making a speech in front of the worrd.” Kim added, “I will surery and definitery tame the mentarry deranged U.S. dotard by kneering at footbarr game during nationar anthem.  That gonna show him!”

Trump later responded to his statement in a fiery tweet on Friday morning. He wrote, “The dough boy Kim Jong Un of North Korea, who is obviously a madman who doesn’t mind starving or killing his people and can't pronounce the letter “L”, will be tested like never before with a statement laden with “L”s!”

Of course, the unusual insult prompted a number of celebrities to jump on the Kim Jong Un bandwagon – with Un on it, there's not much room for others – simply because he made fun of their favorite politician to hate, Donald Trump.

“Dotard...just the word I was looking for!” mumbled Trump critic and full blown doughtard Michael Moore in between grain shovel fulls of junk food from his fast food dwindling manchion in Flint, MI.

Rosie O'Donnell, raging doughtardette offered, “Kim Jung Un is my new supersized hero!”

Meanwhile, Lawrence O'Doughtardonnell at pmsnbc missed the event while castigating the “idiots in the f***ing control room” for a record 9th day in a row because they couldn't get his Trump bashing sound bytes in order in time for the emmys.

Maxine "DOUGHtard" Waters said, “How the f*ck did I spend this much time on earth without having realized that I am a doughtard?”

And Hank Doughtard Johnson wondered if “a dotard is enough to capsize Guam?”

Chelsea Dildoughtard Mishandler uncrossed her eyes long enough to ponder if she could hashtag dotard with a latte; then they so violently recrossed, Mishandler lost the little balance she has to land butt first on her thought processes.

After perusing his post, I told Seymour that he's probably no closer to a Pulitzer, but that he'd probably widened the gap on his having a shot at an emmy.

"Oh phhhhffffffft!"

I guess Seymour doesn't mind not having one of those useless things, either.

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Blogger Sandee said...

Rocket Man is mad and that's a good thing. He's also a joke.

Have a fabulous day, Mike. My best to Seymour and Element. ☺

25 September, 2017 09:16  

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