Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Deluded, Thy Name Is Hellary

For the last 30 years or so, every time the Democrats have lost a major election, their self analysis post mortem has always been the same, as dutifully reported without much if any challenge by their lamestream servile suckups in the media:

"We didn't get our message out".

Ummm...yeah, you did.  That's why more often than not you lost.

Ten months after the election, Ol' Hellary is mired in the same mindset.

Only worse.

Hellary's about to start a book tour.  For a book about why she says she lost the election.

More than 63 million Americans know the answer to that, and it won't be found in her book.

To date -- from the morning of November 9, 2016 -- Hellary has had an ever growing list of reasons of why she lost the election to....*gasp*...Donald Trump.  The list includes but isn't likely to be limited to:

Sexism.. patriarchy ... Twitter ... Wikileaks ... Obola ... Bernie ... the FBI ... James Comey ... the New York Times ... polling ... Vladimir Putin ... the Russians ... women costumed like vaginas ... Deplorables .. suburban women not dressed like vaginas ... the DNC ... the RNC ... Fox News ...voter suppression (not letting the dead and cartoon characters have a vote) ... conservative documentaries ... Joe Biden's hair plugs ... ignorant Americans ... painful rectal itch ... Halley's Comet ... cosmic flatulence ... *yawn*

Most recently added to her list of what's at fault for her loss...the Electoral College.

The dawning of a new day comes later for some.  Never for others.

Ettu, Hellary.

True or not:  allegedly Hellary's book tour goes to Canada, and well-heeled Canucks can meet with ol' Hell if they pony up $2400 for the "privilege" and get a Hellary-signed book the likes of this. 

If true, there's an awful lot of brain freeze goin' on up north.

Then again, there remains a great deal of that kind of delusional brain freeze in the lamestream mediocres right here.

You can bet that all of these pictured clowns will drop on their knees to buy Hellary's book.  And kiss her ring.

The delusional stupid is strong with them.

Of course, two things stand above all others in this equation:  Hellary's delusions..and Hellary's arrogance.

Even cartoon characters are at fault in Hellary's blinded eyes.

In the end -- an end Hellary will probably never face because she's too shallow and self-absorbed to grasp -- it comes down to this:  Hellary, you lost because...of you.

The end.  Meeep meep!


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Blogger Sandee said...

What Happened? I Happened. Spot on.

Have a fabulous day, Mike. My best to Seymour and Element. ☺

13 September, 2017 08:06  

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