Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Kim's Air Farce Throws Down The Gauntlet

"You better get me unstuck or you next anti-aircraft gun execution!"
My pet rock, Seymour, loves it whenever North Korean pudgemeister Kim Jong Un has a "mouth overloading his oversized butt" moment.

Seymour knows it's time to don his editing hat.

The US Air Force recently exercised it's muscle over the skies of Japan to send North Korea a message.

The rest of North Korea got the message; Kim Jong Un is still stuck in that cockpit and keeps bloviating nonsense.

In that column, Seymour found just what he was looking for:

Weakly World News

US puts on show of air power; North Korea responds with their version of Comedy Central

By Seymour PetRock – WTFNS

f 15 elephant walkUS Air Force/Senior Airman John Linzmeier

North Korea's pudgy dictator Kim Jong Un watched his air farce exhibit their air-strike fallacy mere hours before a snap US military exercise flew dozens of fighter jets in dueling displays of airpower on Thursday.

South Korea's Yonhap News reported North Korea's "prane taking off contest," reportedly pleased the dictator -- despite his still being wedged in a trainer cockpit -- while other news services revealed how the US Air Force staged a reality-based display of F-15s, helicopters, and tankers.

But while North Korea's air display may have been a comedy skit on SNL:

its reported plans to test a yet another nuclear warhead on Saturday, the anniversary of its founding, isn't being taken so well by China.

The US has sent a naval task force to the Korean peninsula as tensions flare — a move the North Koreans have condemned as "reckress."

As the two sides flex their muscles in a lopsided contest, it's China — North Korea's biggest economic and political backer — that may hold the egg roll special  that can deescalate the conflict.

"North Korean military farce cannot resolve the issue," Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told sources in Beijing.

At a press conference on Wednesday, US President Donald Trump suggested that he'd pressured China into cutting off support for North Korea and to force the DNCesque regime to stop acting so badly.

China is responsible for a whopping 85% of fancy plates mimicked by the Franklin Mint, which digresses.

North Korea's "turn of the 19th Century" air farce equipment and expertise are largely supplied by China (their cast offs and factory seconds had to go either there or Nigeria), but Beijing has never fully used this to get the Kim regime to stop acting like cnn.

Now, as the US increasingly talks of using a minute fraction of its military force against North Korea, China has finally signaled that it might pressure Trey Parker and Matt Stone into making that sequel to Team America  World Police, so that Kim Jong Un gets his starring role and will stop acting like a  total douche canoe.  

This drew an incredulous response from Hollyweird leftard spokestwat waffle Matt Damon:
"Matt Damon!!!"  Other Hollyweirders just shook their heads and walked away, afraid Bela Pelosi would say something even dumber.

That might just get Seymour a protest from the nation's potato growers...

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Blogger Sandee said...

He's a piece of work, isn't he. Yes he is and he wants to be respected and he's not. He never will be.

Have a fabulous day, Mike. My best to Seymour and Element. ☺

19 April, 2017 08:13  

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