Monday, November 7, 2016

A Pet Rock Edit For The Ages

My pet rock, Seymour, has been chaffing at the quartz to do another scammer email edit.

He outdone hisself with this one.

Witness the meta-edit-asis as the email goes from how it originally arrived:

Attention Beneficiary,

This is to inform you that your payment file has returned back to our
office, and the government is now aware of this your fund of $5,5
Million usd at this moment, and they returned your payment file in our
office for us to start sending your funds of $5,5 Million usd to you
through Western union so that you will receive $5000 twice daily until
the total amount of $5,5 Million usd scheduled in our office is
completely send to you.

Noticed for past years what made you not receiving your $5,5 Million
usd from our office is due to government have not approve your fund
and also you don’t have International transfer permit
certificate(I.T.P.C) which will help you in receiving your payment
from any western union in your Area. Do not contact any office again
except our western Union to avoid mistake because your payment file
and your fund of $5,5 Million usd has been scheduled in our office
right away, what holding us not start sending your fund today is that
Ministry of Finance has not sign and stamp your fund approval
certificate, and i have already take your fund approval certificate to
office of ministry of finance for him to sign and stamp it then to
enable us start sending your fund without any delay.

As you can see here is the MTCN Number of your first payment which we
credited for you today, track it with our website:, to confirm that your payment is (available to
pick up)

1)Senders Name:: Holly Waldon
2)MTCN Number::: 7298423178
3)Amount::: $5000.00 USD.

Track it with our website: or you
can call this number to confirm the payment of the MTCN Note that on
your reply this massage make sure you send the full information
Remember that the full details you can use to pick up this first
payment will be send to you once we receive the transfer charge of
$70.00, You have to treat urgent by reconfirming your full information
to us immediately you receive this massage to enable us start the
process of your payment immediately.

1.Your Full Name...
2.Your Address...
3.Your Tel Number....
8.copy of identity card___

Only $70. you will pay for sign and stamp your fund approval
certificate to enable ministry of finance sign and stamp your payment
file today to enable us start sending your fund to you,Contact us at
our Official E-mail Address( ) and you have to
re-confirm us with your full information

once again congratulation in advance

Best Regard.Mr.Phillip William Odu
Office+229 98838231 what Seymour turns it into:

From: Western Benin Lets Make A Deal Office <>
Sent: Friday, October 14, 2016 1:24 PM
Subject: What's Behind Curtain Number Two


This is to inform you that your first choice -- the caramel asshole
in the clown suit and inflating a yak with helium -- has returned back to our
office, and the government is now aware of your first bad choice in our
version of Let's Make A Really Sucky Deal, with your host, the Monte Hall
of Benin, Ukulele Ungabangabunga. 
Now you have to choose from what's in the big furry envelope covered
in wildebeest semen, what's in Box Number 1, or Clown Suit In The Woods
Number 3, in the life sized sh*t plated Hellary butt thong, or...*drum roll*
what's behind Curtain Number 2.  

Noticed for past years what made you not receiving a prize worthy of
looters in Burntimore is due to government have not approve of your
choice of candidates for pubic orifice; that you didn't renew your
subscription of The Benin Gong Show; that your dead relatives are
not voting for hellary Clinton as suckretary genital of the UN; that
Howard be thy name; that the NBC Nightly Gnus With Brian Williams
was shot down in a hot air balloon over Uranus in 1492 and caught live
on the Hubble Periscope garnering him an Emmy, Uncle and other
relative digressions; and that Kim Kardashian was robbed by Miley
Cyrus doing a twerking pole dance with Lena Dunham and a goat
on The View, allowing Kanye West to declare that Paris Hilton is
the greatest threat to chihuahuas this side of Sheboygan.
Also, there's the little matter that you've been fracking your
septic tank with carbonated douche water and Napa Valley
now smells of vinegar and worse; that your hairy fungerer
and also your cosmic muffin don’t have Intergalactic transfer permit
certificate (I.T.P.C) which will help you to allow geese to molest midgets
in Kansas during houses falling on Hellary's sister after a tornado and
assorted hallucinogens being applied thereabouts. 
Do not contact any office again with the story that your pet ocelot ate
your home room teacher's Beatles record collection without audio that
can be played backward so that the demonics can be clearly heard.

We want to avoid mistake because another season of The Benin
Kardashians will end the government-ruined TV cable service here,
and we'll be left with Cannibal Chefs and Dancing With The
Suicide Vested Dead Terrorists in prime time.
As you can imagine, cast iron wings will not help Wiley Coyote catch
the Road Runner, but will certainly garner an Oscar Mayer or Anthony
Weiner sext for a promise of his getting to do Lena Dunham in a clown
suit portraying Whoopie Goldbrick played by his ex-wife.

You have to treat urgent by reconfirming that you're a six fingered
twat waffle to us immediately so that we can publish this in the only
working outhouse left in Benin...a lot of toilet readers are counting
on you.  Start by sending us your:

1.Your Full Name...
2. What You're Full Of...
3.Your Tel Number....
4.What's Occupied Your Shorts Lately.......
8.Copy of anyone's identity card cuz we're running short.....

All this and less for only $70.  You pay this and we'll know that you're
a certifiable twat waffle and no smarter than a tree stump in the
Kardashian family tree stumps.  
If you has questions, comments, audible belchs or farts concerning
this email don't feel free to contact us at
our unofficial E-mail Address ( ) and you have to
re-confirm that goat sex in the Middle East is only R rated in the Democrapic
National Committee video room.

 Mr.Phillip William Odu until next Thursday when he becomes Mrs Wilhemina Idid
for a duet with Miley Cyrus, a pan flute and can of tuna
Office+229 98838231

Now, the originating scammer wanted apparently nothing to do with the edit or the person/mineral what dun it.  However, one of the recipients to the edit was not quite sure how to react:


That's good.  We should all be somewhere.  


Did you read the email?  If you read it then you would know what I mean.  If you didn't read it, read it so you'll know what I mean.  If you read it but didn't understand it, say so and I will explain it more clearly (like that email edit is explainable in any way, shape or form, but I don't think it matters with Mr. "WTF" here).

Then he finally read the email and that ended that...for now.

At any rate, this was a Seymour edit for the ages, and will most certainly get Lena Dunham upset because Seymour didn't hit on her.



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Blogger Sandee said...

I think Seymour outdid himself on this one. Great job.

Have a fabulous day Mike. My best to Seymour and Element. ☺

07 November, 2016 08:41  

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