Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Scammers Now Watching Out For Falling Houses

Yoda's glad he died long before I received this scam.

Here we go with another spell caster testy-moneyal:

Greets from a happy heart,
   I am Mr. Lawson Wallet, I am from United States, I want to testify the goodness of to the world what Dr. Ubakassi done In my life and my family, I was having a lot of problems in my life December last year, I lost my job and my girlfriend Anita whom is now my lovely wife also left me for nor just cause my life was like living hell until a friend told me about Dr. Ubakassi who she said helped her when she was having similar situation, she advice me to contact him for help and i contacted Dr. Ubakassi on the 15th of December, I explained my situation to him and he told me the root of all my problems and thereafter Dr. Ubakassi perform a ritual and he told me that my story will turn around within 3 days and to my greatest surprise on the second day which was on Monday the 17th of December, i was called for a job and when i got to the office i was offered a job and that same day my girlfriend called me and she start crying and begging me to please forgive her that she don’t know what she was doing, the next morning she came to my house and knee before me still begging forgive her and she promise me that she will never do anything to hurt me again i accepted her back and we are now happly married, Since I knew Dr. Ubakassi my story has indeed turnaround of good and all thanks goes to Dr. Ubakassi who has make the difference in my entire life.
 My advice to people out there having similar situation or people in need of solution to  fundamental problems of life is that there are still real spiritualist in the word who can perform wonders and if you are in need of any spiritual help i will recommend Dr. Ubakassi because he has done it for me and I believe he will also do it for you if you consult he for solution, If you wish to contact Dr. Ubakassi kindly write he via his private email address: and please tell him i recommend you.
Thanks for reading my testimony and I pray that God should use men such as Dr. Ubakassi to help others in need of spiritual solution to any problems.
Lawson Wallet  
And THEN, testy-moneyal meets my edit:
Greets from a enlarged heart,
   I am Mr. Lawson Wallet, a pocket implement from United States, I want to testify about the time I was just walking along down a goat path in Nigeria, admiring the smell of cannibals eating missionaries, when *poof* in front of me there appeared a plunger lipped Yoda looking bastard witch doctor of dubious antecedence and no genitals, who identified itself as Dr. Ubakassi. 
Surprised, I responded "WTF and WTF did you come from?"  The first "WTF" was "What TF" and the second "WTF" was "Where TF", in case you're a democrat on commie core.

And before I could question if this tribal eunuch was the result of my having had something laced in my coffee, *poof*....he turned me into a pocket implement (wallet).


Since then I lost my job and my girlfriend Anita whom is now my lovely wife also left me for nor just cause my life was like living hell, thanks to this Obolascare tool Dr. Ubakassi who keeps trying to recreate a scene from the Wizard of Oz and keeps dropping outhouses on Hellary's crimepaign.

Since i accidentally contacted Dr. Ubakassi and was turned into a pocket implement, life sucks.  
 My advice to people out there is if you're walking along and minding your own business in Nigeria or anywhere, and this Yoda looking bastard suddenly appears before you, run him over with a yak or something.  And send his email address to The View: and please tell them that this Yoda looking bastard is coming for their birth control.
Thanks for reading my testimony and I pray to a feather lined toilet seat named Odumassego that a yak stomps the shit out of men such as Dr. Ubakassi.  That would be a solution to any problems.
Pissed off because I'm a tri-fold,
Lawson Wallet  
While my pet rock is hiding behind sheets of tin foil -- he hopes that will deflect any spells cast my way -- the scammers are once again flummoxed into silence.
They don't want to wind up with a hellary outhouse falling on them, too.

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Blogger Sandee said...

Bwahahahahahahahaha. Loved this edit. I'm guessing you won't hear anything back.

Have a fabulous day. My best to Seymour. ☺

21 October, 2015 09:44  

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