Wednesday, September 30, 2015

My Pet Rock Has More 'Fun' With Un

My pet rock says this is Hellary in a thong.

Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy.  It does appear to be about the right size.

But that isn't what Seymour is after here...he's again poking fun at the North Korean Pudgemeister, Kim Jong Un.

North Korea apparently had an election recently and boasted 99.97% approval votes by the sheeple there for their 'leaders'.

Uh huh.

That set off a *TOING* in Seymour's 'edit mode' that had to be met:

 Korea 'election' sees 199.97% participation: state media apparently uses American DNC and Commie Core math   

North Korean kids cast ballots for food and not to get shot

North Koreans cast ballots for people's assemblies

         State-controlled local elections in North Korea on Sunday saw a 199.97 percent voter participation rate, state media reported, in polls to elect new representatives put forward by the ruling party.

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Typically, 199 percent of North Korean voters – living, dead, puppets, gerbils, whatever is handy at the time of an election – take part in elections so as to not be executed and 199 percent of them cast "yes" votes for uncontested candidates.

The remaining 1% are spread eagled across a Tapwangdong missile and launched.

"All participants took part in the elections with faux extraordinary enthusiasm to avoid pissing off Kim Jong Un," Pyongyang's official Korean News Agency – KGAG – said.

Only yaks and puppets from Team America World Police were unable to vote, KGAG said, with the elderly, ill, dead and those pending execution casting their votes in a way that made Dear Leader tear up just before he blew a half dozen of his relatives to bits on the tip of a Tapwangdong missile, an anonymous source revealed.

Among those who love voting so much that he voted 9,876 times was Kim Jong-Un, who dared anyone to force him to leave the voting booth before he'd voted 10,000 times.   Obviously Kim uses Commie Core math as well, but no one there is saying a woid. 
In 2011, 28,116 representatives were elected as yes men to Kim Jong Un's vastly more famous father, thanks to Americans Trey Parker and Matt Stone, with not a single vote of opposition to the candidates, since any opposition voters were tied to the treads of tanks and taken for a run to Toko Ri.

During each four-year term, the local assemblies convene once or twice a year to approve whatever Kim Jong Un tells them to, if they wish to live to convene again.

North Korea, which the Kim dynasty has ruled with an iron anus for more than six decades, held elections for its rubber-stamp parliament last year. Those polls also saw turnout of 199.97 percent.

Such elections have in the past been closely approximated in Chicago and other leftard controlled inner city cesspools in the US.

South Korean intelligence officials say that in 2019, Kim Jong Un vows to have 299% voter turn out for his enlightenment executions

His most high-profile to date has been that of anyone who tells him that Trey Parker and Matt Stone refuse to make a Team America World Police sequel starring Kim Jong Un.
An argument between Kim and his former defence minister in April resulted in Kim replacing him with a picture of Hellary Clinton in a thong. Arguments with Kim over ANYTHING have pretty much ended, what with North Korean officials not wanting to be replaced by something like that. Even Kim has admitted to aides, “I can't berieve I did that”.  

It seems that every time I let Seymour edit Kim Jong Un, visits from China drop off markedly.  I guess the Chinese like Kim a great big bunch.  Or are scared off by that 'Hellary in a thong' picture...

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Blogger Sandee said...

Okay, I can't get past that thong picture. That is just so wrong on so many levels, but it is about the right size for Hellery.

Have a fabulous day Seymour. My best to your dad. ☺

30 September, 2015 10:12  

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