Thursday, October 15, 2015

So Sorry Prease

A Chinese manufacturing scammer doesn't like my character no mores.

So much for a free egg roll with any scam over $20.

Here's how that scam began:


This is Ms Lee from Changzhou Airwheel Technology Co., Ltd

Our Airwheel's leading products, namely interlligent electric scooters. Our Airwheel has exported to more than 70 countries, taken over 60% global market share.   We are always dedicated to make Airwhel to be an International brand. Followed by market fashion trend, we hold our new products launches every year.   That is to say, we have realized the grand leap from "made in China" to "Created in China".  

4 series: X-series (X3, X5, X8), Q-series (Q1, Q3, Q5, Q6), S-series (S3, S5), A-series (A3).
X-series: single wheell, lighter, portable, easy to turn direction, can play all kinds of fancy skills;
Q-series: twin wheels, more stable, easier to get balanced, easier to learn;
S-series: wide two hub models, with handle bar & control shaft & LED screen, with front and rear light, Bluetooth speaker placed inside, remote control keys;
A-series: only developed by Airwheel, added a seat, electronic brake system, more personalized
All our products are approved by CE, ROHS, UN38.3, MSDS.
Have you luckily tried any models of Airwheel or other electric scooter before? If not yet ,would you want to try now?

Yours sincerely, 

Sales Manager
Airwheel Technology Holding ( USA ) CO.,LTD
Changzhou Airwheel Technology Co., Ltd 
Tel: +86-519-8829-6900
Mob: +86 15961180003
Skype: airwheel13

FL.9 Zhongchuang Building,No.396 Tongjiang Rd,Xinbei District,Changzhou City,Jiangsu Province,China,213022  
My character got it "rolling" right off in response:
that's nice.  Does it come with a free egg roll with each purchase?  
That apparently wasn't the kind of response the scammer is used to:
We have checed your last email, but we could not understand what you mean
Our products are electric scooter, here attached the basic introduction of our products.
You could check and make a referrence.
If you have any doubts, pls feel free to let us know.  
If at first you don't succeed...confuse again:
Okay, I'd like to order a pupu platter, sesame chicken and won ton soup.   You do have take out, right?  
Nor apparently was that response typical for this scammer:
We are a factory which dealing in Electric scooter, not a restaurant. I think you have mistand us.  
Who, me?  Mistand my scammy friend?  Preposterous:
So you're telling me that you won't be delivering my order?  Dang.  What good are meals on wheels if you don't deliver?  BTW are you Cantonese or Szechuan?  
A rather dim bulb is starting to come on in Scamland:
You are not serious.  pls stop with this.  We are serous business okay.  No joker. 
What joker?  I crave crispy duck?  You got an egg drop soup lunch special?  And your motorized TV dinner trays are funky, too.  Do they include placemats with Chinese astrological stuff?  
The low wattage bulb has finally achieved maximum burn....all dozen or so watts of it:
Go way.  
Is that like a segue, or moo goo gai pan?  
Political correctness was never my strength...



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Blogger Sandee said...

Bwahahahahahahaha. That went downhill rather quickly. Loved it.

Have a fabulous day. My very best to Seymour. ☺

15 October, 2015 08:36  

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