Monday, March 3, 2014

Russian Anna's Back On The Old Ploy

I guess self-inflicted death by way of Russian black market sleeping pills proved too much for Anna...if you remember my last post about her.

Yup.  She's baaaaaaaack.  And as you'll see in the few new pics she sent me...she's baaaaaack with the same ol' schpiel.

Here is her resurrection from the 'dead' opening salvo:

Greetings my love, my  future husband .
I feel perfectly. Mood good,
And my soul sings about love to you. I smile and am very happy,
that I have you my sweet prince!
I would think, that wakening in the morning and supervision of you
near to me will be remarkable experience. I would not wake you but
only to observe, that you sleep, and surprise, that you dreamed. I
just would lay there and to think as far as the successful person I
should be with you. Then in cool of morning I would slide from, cover
and to go in kitchen. As soon as there I would do you by
good breakfast and a place it on serving tray. The tray would have
your coffee and a sandwich which I would prepare itself for you. I
would bring it in a room of a bed that you have not risen yet. Then I
would wake you with gentle kisses, and whisper " i love you ". I would
observe your frank beautiful eyes open for morning light, and then I
shall speak you loudly, how many the happiness you has brought to me.
I would be down of a pillow behind of you and then am similar to the
employee, I shall serve my prince its breakfast. We would speak,
and a bit later I shall pull you in a hot bath. The bath with bubbles
and colors which float on water, very much is pleasant to me it. I
would like to wipe your body gelem, and then you might clean my
hair. You would be endowed and with noble kisses, I shall come back to
do preparation within our day. We then would load bicycles in
our automobile with a basket of picnic. We would be then to mountains
to go and take pleasure in clear air of mountain. If you would like,
we might go on a bicycle all day. Would find Lake it sine-green in
colour and surrounded it is white - barking Aspens. Their tiny green
listya are displaced by extremely small wind. The sky would be bright
sine with white dance of clouds. Air is cleaned also fresh. We would
go for flotin cold water of lake. Only to tease each other in cool
water. After navigation we would lay on the towels which are heating
up us is direct on the sun. And nevertheless I would kiss you and you
kissing me. What you would do then? You finish a history.
My dear I want to give you the life, so full remarkable things and to
present you a lot of happiness. I want to make you by king of my
heart. I want to love you am similar to you, always wanted. I want for
you happiness which service life  will last.  

And of course, it came along with more of those endearing pictures that Anna isn't terribly attentive about grouping together.  For instance:

Right along side of this:

And of course there was this one that was supposed to melt the ice in my heart that this post began with:

Which seems to be at odds with a previously sent photo that she absent-mindedly sent again:

I'm sure the absent mindedness is a result of her taking cut-rate Russian black market sleeping pills, made right at home in Chernobyl.  The other side affect -- having to use Nair to brush your teeth for the chia pet-ish canine and molar hairs -- can be covered up with modest photo retouching.

Meanwhile...I'm back to being her future husband.  Or at least, 'Jack' is.  And my character was quick to let her know how happy he was to see her back:

Really?  Back from the dead, Anna?  How'd you find it...restful?  Or terribly boring?  I'm banking on the latter.  And speaking of banking, I just had to KNOW you'd be back.  Oh yes...there are some things that a man knows instinctively.  Like how to change the subject when a woman asks "is my butt getting fat?".  Or when a woman says in a dismissive manner, "oh, it's okay", the guy knows it really isn't and he's in for a Chernobyl-esque meltdown unless he makes amends and QUICK. 

Well, I know you, Anna.  And I knew you'd be back.  That $925 is an itch your soul can't scratch 'til you have it.  And as I told you many times before, it's right where you can have it...all you have to do is go to Aeroflot in Moscow to get it.  Not Sochi...besides, that four-out-of-five ringed nonsense is over anyway.  Bob Costas can have an eye vacation.

And thanks for the pictures.  As always, you were choosing them in bad lighting, yes?

Anna didn't waste any time touching on that reply:

My dear I want to give you the life, so full remarkable things and to
present you a lot of happiness. I want to make you by king of my
heart. I want to love you am similar to you, always wanted. I want for
you happiness which service life  will last. I also
want, that you loved me is similar to you, never loved anybody before.
I want to be the centre of your life and some, as we should do
the child to like.  You make my heart sing when you say you can

pay for me to make my dreams true.  

Oh I can imagine the tune your heart plays when it hears anything suggestive of 'money', Anna.  Just be careful not to get too excited and give yourself an annayrism...or did you see what I just did there?

I'm still waiting to see if she did...*ducking boos and throwd cotton balls*

Unless something new develops here, I'll spare you any more 'annayrisms'...

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Blogger Sandee said...

If you hook up with Anna you will pay and get nothing in return. I just love Anna.

Have a fabulous day. My best to Seymour. ☺

03 March, 2014 10:00  
Anonymous Debbie said...

I remember her. She's been around for a long time. The tattoos seem to be different on her arms, ... ha

Right Truth

03 March, 2014 14:15  

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