Thursday, July 5, 2018

Gender Switching Is Ever'whar

And you thought it was just the current POTUS that had her triggered?

Nawp...on an opening email scam, I dared to assume GENDER.

And it goes magnificently down hill from there.  Take a gander:

Dear Friend.
I wanted us to discuss on how we can save lives of the poor people in our community.
My name is Mrs Thoms Christelle I am a, nationality FRANCE.I'm married to Mr.Thomas Behaung who Worked with the national Oil,before he died of poisoning in 2013 .
Second year after the death of my husband, who has left me everything he worked for ,the doctors told me I will not live longer than some months because of my health, I decided to WILL / donate the sum of $9,500,000 (Nine million, five hundred thousand dollars) to you for the good work of humanity, and also to help the Victims of flood,motherless and less privilege and also for the assistance of the widows. I dont have a child of my own who will inherit my wealth when i am gone. i have no good people around me, everyone has stolen from me and want me dead so that they can steal all.
I wish you all the best and may the good Lord bless you abundantly,and please use the funds well and always extend the good work to others. I will appreciate your utmost confidentiality in this matter until the task is accomplished as I do not want anything that will jeopardize my last wish .
Pls :. kindly get back to me so that we can discuss more.
Thank You and God Bless You
MRS Thomas  
Sounds so benevolent, don't it?  Bet I can change that in one response:
You save poor people in your French neighborhood by kicking out all the islamofascists that are invading it.  
And THAT drew what became the equivalent of "hold my camel piss beer and watch this":
(Incidentally, all responses now coming from Thomas...the "Mrs" apparently has a headache)
Well, if you don't want it junky over there, that's how you fix it, Bunky.  
Crack head  
I'm sorry, Crackhead, I called you Bunky.  I'll make it Crackhead from henceforth.
So,'s living in Islamofascistville amongst all the riffraff?  Right at home, are you, Crackhead?  
(Now he/she/it decides to up the ante...*scary organ music*)
I will send terrorist to your house to kill every living thing there.  
Oh, by all means, do that Crackhead.  I will have coffee and claymores awaiting them.  
Ok 3 days time  you will see the ninjas right in ur living room  
3 days?  That's too long.  I will be on vacation.  You must expedite their arrival, Crackhead.  They need to be here tonight.  Otherwise, you FAIL...*BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZER*...FAIL.
Don't fail me, Crackhead.  
And what are nincompoop African email scammers doing with ninjas?  Them's Japanese.  Mebbe you got some Zulus or something?  How about a witchdoctor, Crackhead.  Think you could get your witchdoctor here by tonight?  Work on that and get back to me, Crackhead.  I have things to attend to.  
You also seem to have some gender identity issues, Crackhead.  First you're a woman, then you're a man.  What are you now, an octosexual orthopod?  You seem in way over your head, Crackhead.  But fine...your ninja witchdoctor Zulus must be here tonight.  Tonight, Crackhead.  Tonight.

Finally, Crackhead speaks:
Just wait. you will testify in hell that i am the Lucifer in the making  
And he included this photo for his version of emphasis:
 So convincing...
Hell is not on my travel itinerary, Crackhead.  And I've received no subpoena to testify.
I can tell that you're new at this, Crackhead.  Don't quit your day job if you have one.

Now, be a good islamofascist nincompoop and get your ninja witchdoctor Zulu to
my place TONIGHT.  The whole internet world will know of your failure if you don't.  
Oh...someone just goose you with a satchel charge, Crackhead?  Bet that leaves a mark.  
Looks like you've got some keyboard issues there, Crackhead.  Sitting around that fly infested internet cafe, picking your butt isn't helping the life expectancy of that keyboard. You've got a job to do, Ma'am.  Or Mister.  Or octosexual orthopod, whatever you is. The clock is ticking, Crackhead.  Tonight, Crackhead. Tonniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiighttttttt.  
What came as no surprise, tonight came and no ninja witchdoctor Zulus showed up.  Hmmphf.

Wassamatta, Crackhead?  Your islamofascist ninja witchdoctor Zulus lose their GPS? 

Apparently, Crackheaded Thomas Cristelle Lucifer IS sulking.  He won't play no mores.


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