Saturday, October 24, 2015

Letters From Santa Upsetting The PCites?

My pet rock, Seymour, was offended.

It was still September, and he's getting this kind of spam in his inbox.

Not that Seymour hisself is offended by the idea h'yar:  like any good parental pet rock, Seymour has kids after his visit to Califorlornia and a tryst with Julia Sandstone (which Sandee of Comedy Plus knows all about).

Seymour is a tad annoyed that he's not sure where all of his kids are, and doesn't know how to send his geologic prodigy anything like this.

And can't because I won't pay for it.


Seymour sounds more and more like Bill the Cat.

But that isn't what has my pet rock really sore.  He's sore at the lefties that want Santa to be dispensed with, on accounta cuz the politically correct feel that Santa offends some segments of society that the Left sucks up to.


For a change, that wasn't directed to me.

So my pet rock, Seymour, felt that this message from Santa was fitting to all those lefties out there that don't want to offend anyone other than folks that rather enjoy Santa Claus:
Tastelessness aside, Seymour wasn't done with expressing himself toward the sniveling Left:

Seymour thought a Christmas 'moon' was due the holiday PC crowd.

I kinda thought the previous image was perfectly workable for them.  But Seymour doesn't want there to be any doubt about what he thinks of the political correctness nonsense the Left has spewed like projectile vomit on college campuses and such:

Which my traditionalist pet rock thinks is abject political correctness nonsense.  This brings him to want to post stuff like this in defiance of the politically correct nincompoops:

Since he heard that images like this send some lefties to the bushes to "hurl".  The rest of us rather enjoy it.

Long as the lefty isn't hurling in OUR bushes.

So even though it isn't even yet Halloween, the politically incorrect pet rock demanded a post so that he could "PHFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT!!!!!!!" at political correctness in general, and Santa-offended specifically.


Seymour -- digressing as a pet rock is wont to do -- ("am NOT!!!") doesn't want to forget the immediately upcoming holiday, and wants to send a salute to the Left for their current candidate of choice, hellary.

Ah, my politically incorrect pet rock...ornery as always.

Send your comments to Seymour PetRock at and the pet rock will be happy to respond.


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Blogger Sandee said...

Tell Seymour that I know where all his kids are. I happen to have one too. They are all well.

Merry Christmas to one and all.

Have a fabulous day. My best to Seymour. ☺

24 October, 2015 10:45  

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