Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Another "Oh Whoops" Chinese Wheelie

Another Chinese "company" motorized scooter FAIL.

And it started like this:

Re:30% Discount!Iwheel China electric scooter, two wheels self balancing scooter, electric scooter price China with Suprising Gift,Free Shipping!    

The 'suprising' gift was intended to be that you pay for it, and don't get it  ;-)

Instead, the seque knock-offs encountered a different kind of dupe...my character, Frank Unsteen:

Thanks for your inquiry.We are glad to inform you that the price of Iwheel China electric scooter, two wheels self balancing scooter, electric scooter price China is $90/ Piece .Any questions,please feel free to contact us.  
How many pieces is one chair?  
Excuse please?  What mean by this?  
You said it's $90/piece.  So how many pieces do I need to buy to make one scooter?
Each scooter is 12 pieces.  How many you want?  
It takes 12 pieces to make one scooter?  
Yes.  How many you want?  
Are the pieces $90 each or a completed scooter is $90 each?  
Each Iwheel China electric scooter is $90 each.  
Why is it in 12 parts?  
It come full assemble.  How many you want?  
You just said it came in 12 pieces.  Are they assembled pieces or disassembled pieces?  
Do you want to place order?  
Do you have delivery?  
Yes we can ship by normal mean.  Must know how many you want?  
Okay, I'll take 10.  With a side of egg rolls and fried rice.  
You pay in advance Western Union or Money Gram?  
No I pay on delivery.
You must pay in advance.  We don't send without pay.  
I don't pay without delivery.  
We don't do business that way.  
I don't get given the business my way.  
Sorry,we are only shipped out after you paid. 
Where are you shipped out to after I paid?  Timbuktu?  
That's what I asked you.

Sadly, that ended our correspondence.  I wanted to know where they were shipped out to after I paid.
Hope it isn't Seattle.

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Blogger Sandee said...

Bwahahahahaha. You crack me up.

Have a terrific day. My best to my buddy Seymour. ☺

27 October, 2015 10:32  

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