Saturday, August 22, 2015

North Korea Goes Backwoid

Kim Jong Un strikes again.

So does my 'editing gone wild' pet rock, Seymour.

North Korea has turned it's clocks back.

Screwed up as the country is, it didn't have far to go.

It gave my pet rock an editing gem:

North Korea Wakes Up To 1950 And Goes Back To Sleeps Again

By Seymour PetRock – WTF News Soivice

North Korea began moving to a new rhythm on Saturday as bells, whistles and ships' sirens sounded a midnight shift to a different time zone and clocks turned back 65 years.     

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The move to "Pyongyang Time" coincided with the 65th anniversary of the North Korea's attempt to mess up the entire peninsula, and means the two Koreas now operate in different time zones: South Korea operates in 2015, North Korea in 1950.

The South has ridiculed the change, while Pyongyang has mocked Seoul for remaining modern.

Midnight came twice for North Koreans on Friday night as they rigorously tortured and retrained their cocks back more than half-a-century, and state television went PHFFFFT because they didn't have it in 1950.

At the same time, factories, trains and ships across the country went black.

South Korean President Park Geun-Hye was amused by Pyongyang's move to shift back to 1950.  The North responded by calling her a "sycophant, which is erephant that not rook good".

The use of Pyongyang Time is "aimed at erasing all traces of modernization," the state radio KGAG announcer said.    South Korea had briefly turned its clocks back in 1954 but decided modernization beat going stone age.

North Korea's rationale for making it's cocks crow like it's 1950 is...well...a strictly Kim Jong Un touch. He hasn't yet realized that his recently touted “modernized” airport's only flushing toilet just vanished, as Pyongyang had no airport or flushing toilets in 1950. It also sets back Kim's efforts to get himself made lead villian in a new Parker/Stone Team America World Police sequel, since he has no DVD to play it on, let alone TV.

The official North Korean time and cock keeper has reportedly been executed over this.  

Kim Jong Un really needs to quit making this so easy for Seymour...

"Does NOT!!!"

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Blogger Serena said...

Can they even go any farther backwards without toppling over onto their backward little butts?:)

23 August, 2015 19:23  

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