Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Seymour Edits A Greased Pig

My pet rock, Seymour, finds leftist moron Harry Reid to be mildly amusing.

Only mildly.  Like finding bear scat in your driveway.

So when Reid issued another of his atrophied brain drivels that a obozo-talking-points spewing network decided to run with because they wet themselves to please the stupidest members of the Left, Seymour saw therein an editing opportunity that he simply could not pass on.

Witness if you will:

Harry Reid Admits Working With Him Is Like Having Sodomy With A 'Greased Pig'
Obozo Talking Points Nitwits By R. U. Serious 21 hours ago

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid today drew on the perverse image of having sodomy with a greased pig to describe how people feel after having worked with him in the Senate.

"Oft times, working with my Republican Senate colleagues – or anyone else for that matter – reminds them of having sodomy with a greased pig," Reid, D-Nev., said on the Senate floor this morning. "Despite rules of the Senate or House, I encourage everyone who meets me to feel like they've gotten drunk and tried to have sodomous relations with a greased pig like me. Yes, I am a perverse, sick bastard, and it's why I'm a Democrat."

Reid even described several times after WH correspondent dinners, how he got drunk and tried to sodomize a greased pig, to experience the pleasure of what dealing with him is like. “I even had a couple of them videoed for later release on YouBoob. It's really quite a spectacle. It's fun to watch."

"Once sufficiently drunk, I get a little pig that looks a lot like me – Rachal Madcow for example -- cover it with grease and then try to butt boink it. With enough alcohol laced with meth, it's a great time" he added.

Last week, Reid said he would be open to greasing and sodomizing Botox Pelosi, though he wasn't sure which one would have to wear a paper bag over the head before starting. “I don't know that the amount of alcohol needed to do Pelosi would leave me functionable” he mused into a microphone he believed had been turned off. His office later claimed that his microphone had been remotely turned back on by the Koch Brothers.

"This is the way to run the Senate," several lowlifes at pmsnbc squealed. "It's about time we have greased pigs like Reid, running and ruining the government and the country”.

Which was followed by a flurry of expletives and a hurried exodus from the podium when the pmsnbc folks realized that last sentence was not in the talking points. “A teleprompter miscue left over from the Bush era” was blamed for the accidental admission by the pmsnbc lowlifes, according to a statement by WH press suckretary Jay Carney, as he was greasing up to go meet with Reid.  

My pet rock also issued an apology to pigs for having to link them with such lowlifes as Reid.  Then again, it wasn't Seymour that made the initial comparision....


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Blogger Sandee said...

Seymour is spot on here. I would apologize to the pigs too.

Have a fabulous day. My best to Seymour.

13 May, 2014 09:51  
Anonymous Debbie said...

I listened to Reid's "greezed pig" comments. My thoughts for him, Pelosi, et al is this: We don't pay your salaries to stand around and bloviate, to make long speeches that have nothing to do with saving this country, but only serve to get you a soundbite on the evening news...

Yet, I suppose that is what the definition of a politician has become.

Your Pet Rock did a great job...

Right Truth

13 May, 2014 11:38  

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