Monday, April 14, 2014

Seymour The Sexist Pet Rock

Yes, after this one, Seymour will be branded a sexist.

"Am NOT!!!"

But of course you are, Seymour; you're dissing the leading witch of the Left.

"What difference does it make now?"

None to the Left, Seymour.

"Phfffffffffffffffffffffffffft to the Left!"

You're learning, Seymour.

At any rate, Seymour saw a recent story touting HRC as a women's champion and leading candidate for president in 2016.

Assuming there's anything left to pillage after obozo's done gutting what's left of the office.

And Seymour -- the politically incorrect, fearless pet rock -- couldn't resist another of his unpatented edits, as readers will now see:

Hillary Clinton Talks Lies And Taking Over in 2016
By The Lamestream Servile Self-Wetting Leftist Mediocres

Leftist double standards in politics and media, advice for low information women like Sandra Fluke -- like whether battery-operated dildos are better than cucumbers -- and whether or not Hillary Clinton will try to complete the ruin to the USA begun by Barry Obozo by running for president in 2016 all sound like pretty typical topics for a leftist women's conference.

And it was no difference here, in New York, as a lamestream servile mediocre interviewed Clinton and a French lefty about how the Left hopes to fool the voters long enough to complete the ruin of the USA.

When asked whether female politicians experience public life differently than men, Clinton made up a story like her “under fire in Bosnia, Serbia, wherever-the-hellnia” one, and like the one she made up about trying to join the USMC – like a flaming feminazi leftist would ever have honestly tried that. Indeed, Clinton grew more audibly flatulent and full of crap as she went on, even uttering “what difference does it make now?” which she made infamous after Benghazi, before she went into her “I don't recall” mode that she's used to cover up her lies so often.

When asked about the leftist double standard on the “war on women”, Clinton smirked and responded “despite the setback that the silly trollop Sandra Fluke caused us, the fact remains that as long as we have our servile media covering us for this 'war on women' sham that the conservatives really aren't waging, we can pretty much lie about that and anything else we want. We know we have to lie to get and consolidate power in the USA, and once we have it, to parrot the words of Joseph Goebbels, “we'll never give it up”. We will use the Constitution to wipe our asses, and make a country based on the proletariat like that of the old Soviet Union, except in this case I get to be Joseph Stalin”. 


The French lefty added, “During board meetings with gray suits, when I speak about getting the same freebies for European women that the slut Fluke demanded – and may I say, what a dog she is – I see them wince. They know who controls 80% of the money and 100% of the pussy”

The women also had advice for budding feminazis battling conservatives like Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin. “It's all in how we have our servile mediocres portray them, over and over and over. Make them the dumbed down, ignorant idiots that we ourselves have been creating with the cancerous educational substandards we've created like Commie Core – I know you mediocres know to sanitize that so I can deny having called it that – and we'll eventually sweep them aside.  Women like Debbie Wasserputz Schlitz will be the new face of feminist America”. 


The French lefty was equally as blunt: “You know Pajama Boy in the Obamacare ad? That's my totally servile husband. The left raises their men to be servile, simpering “Yes Ma'am” types. Chivalry is to be crushed like a bug, and replaced with totally subjugated men, run by the women. This is something I taught my sons. Well one of them...the other I convinced to have a sex change so 'she' can be stronger.

And, of course, the question of the evening — will Clinton run for president in 2016? — could not go unasked. “Secretary, is there any job you would be interested in?” Friedperson asked.

As the crowd silenced to a single cricket chirp, Clinton answered, “You'd better do better than that! I'll have the NSA and IRS at my fingertips, and I won't be afraid to abuse either!”

That got a couple of feeble claps around the room.

Yeah, Seymour, the left will be warming up for you on this one.


You heard from the pet rock here first   ;-)

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Blogger Sandee said...

Hillary will run for president. I can't stand her, or Bill or Oblahblah. The left are looneytoons and then some.

Have a fabulous day. My best to Seymour, and yes he gets it. :)

14 April, 2014 09:34  
Blogger Right Truth said...

Concerning the Bundy Ranch in Nevada and the Bureau of Land Management...

If the forces deployed in and around the Nevadan's ranch had been deployed to Benghazi, it's likely Glen Doherty, Ty Woods, Sean Smith and Ambassador Christopher Stevens would be alive today.

14 April, 2014 19:22  

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