Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Russian Anna Tries A New Ploy

Russian Anna has tried several times to get "Jack" to send her money.

"Jack" keeps telling her to mount her yak and ride west from Kirov (where she claims to be) to the Moscow International Airport, and that she'll find something waiting for her at the Aeroflot desk.

Nothing.  But first she has to go there.

Anyway, Anna has been persistent.  Until finally her handlers apparently decided to try a somewhat new ploy I haven't yet seed from a scammer:  a threat.

Oh, I've seen plenty of threats in my direction.

No, Anna's trying to convince me that she's going to do herself in since "Jack" has forsaken her.

Read the pithy effort for yourself:

Hello pipe dream ... Please do not stop reading this letter. Read it to the end, please. That's the last thing I beg you. Over the last ... I never disturb their requests, in his own words ... and feelings ... I'll stop there for you and for others ... Trust me. As I believe you on that warm summer evening, that beautiful starry night ... "I opened your soul and you stomped it as a flower, blossomed on the road ..." I quote someone. Although perhaps not entirely accurate. I loved you, and you're playing with my feelings. I was your toy, and when I bored, you find a better toy and left me, left one with an avalanche of feelings ... I feel new and incomprehensible to me. Such as love and hate, hope and despair ... All these feelings are mixed, blended together ... But soon the hatred has passed ... The longest lived despair, shared the void in my heart with pain. Pain caused irreparable loss and betrayal. But now there was only emptiness ... Pain, like acid, all burnt out ... The soul was unable to feel. Therefore, the soul can not fill the emptiness ... nothing ...
    You may ask, why am I writing all this to you? I will answer. Because I want to, when I will not be, you know my feelings about the pain that you have caused me. Although, you do not understand, at least not until you experience such ... outraged honor and love ... But do not think, I do not wish you that ...
    And yet, I am writing to say goodbye. Say goodbye forever ... Goodbye ... I leave this cruel world. I'm going back to where it would be easier ... And I think that no one will remember and will not grieve for me ... Because I do not need you ... In spite of what you said before ... You showed it to his act. But I do not blame you. And not in this life ...
    Do not forget me. Remember me always. Remember, that's your fault one green-eyed blonde innocent girl left this world ...
    Live and Remember ...
You do have no idea how it is to live and to be faithful to the person to whom you are completely indifferent. You never count the tears of those that I have shed over your photography. You'll never understand what it means to fall asleep and wake up with your name on your mind. You know, I do not want you ever experienced what I am experiencing. It hurts too much, and I do not want you to get hurt because of my love. Without you, me and the day is not quite the day and the night was just another painful insomnia. The thread of my life was cut short at the moment, when I saw you for the first time. But you know, I do not regret Miguet, because then I had no meaning in life, and now he is. Every day I live in you, and that's why I can not forget you. I'm sorry, but I can not ... You can condemn me for what I do, but you should know, so it would be easier. But I would not do this just for myself, I do it for you. I beg you, forgive me if I did something wrong. Look, everyone's life is in his hands and in the hands of the people around them. And I messed up life with his own hands, not only themselves, but also to you and many other people. And for that, I beg your pardon. I love you so much. I do not want you to blame himself for what happened, you're not guilty, believe me, "But I did not, and that's why now I leave .... Do not judge me. Remember that I love you and will love you forever, no matter what. Farewell ...

    And another thing, I am sending you my last picture cheerful ...
    Now I am no longer holds nothing in this world ...
Now I drink a lot of pills and go to sleep forever.
            Farewell favorite ...
                          At your age, Anna all her pictures, she was either brunette or black-haired, never blonde.  Oh well...she never could get that right, either.

Now I reckon that my character was supposed to react with horror at this email, and respond with all kinds of remedies to prevent Anna's claim to punching out the time clock of life.


Still, my character was not without feeling:

Dearest Anna,
While I hope the pills you're going to drink are of high quality, and not from some knock-off rogue Russian lab that markets their crap as 'generic' the way Chernobyl is 'generic', I would like to suggest some alternative ways for you to go, if this is in fact what you really want to do.

Personally, you should mount a yak, naked, and ride west until the yak is high-centered in a snow drift.  Then you'd be a piece of ice sculpture.  At least until summer.

As for remembering you always, I hardly knew ye.  You sent me so many pictures of so many other women -- none of them green eyed blondes, BTW -- I don't know if you don't actually look more like this:

Or for that matter, this:
In any event, enjoy your chosen journey to wherever the hell it is you're trying to con me into buying that you're going.  I still think you're just headed for the Kirov Yak 'n Smack Bar 'n Grille for a little slap 'n tickle with Ivanov and his yak herd.
While there's been nothing further from Anna, I won't be surprised to get a 'resurrection' email...she really wants that $650 USD....

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Blogger Sandee said...

I'm guessing it's some guy that's writing to you. I'm just saying. I say let her sleep forever and you won't have to be bothered with her anymore.

Have a fabulous day. My best to Roche. ☺

29 January, 2014 09:53  

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