Wednesday, January 8, 2014

No Balls

See what kind of reaction that statement drew from a sorta-famous (at one time) chick?

Well mebbe it did.

Nannyists, trying to level the playing field -- figuratively and literally -- will go to any extent to replace reality with fantasy.

And if that requires no balls, they're all for it.

And to highlight absurdity with more of the same, some folks love to write satire poking fun at political correctness. 

Like this piece about a soccer league in Ontario from September '12:

To ensure every child 'wins', Ontario athletic association removes ball from soccer  

With the growing concern over the effects of competition in youth sports programs this summer, many Canadian soccer associations eliminated the concept of keeping score. The Soccer Association of Midlake, Ontario, however, has taken this idea one step further, and have completely removed the ball from all youth soccer games and practices. 

According to Association spokesperson, Helen Dabney-Coyle, "By removing the ball, it's absolutely impossible to say 'this team won' and 'this team lost' or 'this child is better at soccer than that child.'"

"We want our children to grow up learning that sport is not about competition, rather it's about using your imagination. If you imagine you're good at soccer, then, you are."

Absurd.  Then again, using absurdity to make fun of absurd political correctness seems fair to me.
I'll bet Grog, above, wishes he'd known about 'no ball' soccer about a kick ago.

Apparently, the practice of removing balls -- satirically and not -- doesn't end with soccer in Ontario.  US House Speaker John Boehner seems to agree that going ball-less is good:

And whoever got his doesn't seem to know what to make of them:

Of course, I must acknowledge that my pet rock, Seymour, contributed ideas and suggestions to this post, including the last photo used.

"Did NOT!!!"

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Blogger Sandee said...

You can't make everyone equal. It will never work. We are created equal and it ends there. The rest is up to our genes, abilities, desire and the list goes on and on. We are become a bunch of idiots. Well many are.

Have a fabulous day. My best to Seymour. ☺

08 January, 2014 08:41  
Blogger Right Truth said...

Give the NFL time and we may have similar changes. "Taunting", "bullying", no 'chicken dance' in the end zone when they make a touch down, no celebrating when a player makes a good play. I'm not a football fan, but I watch with my hubby. Seems they are trying to take all the fun out of the game. Let men be men, let them play the game.

Right Truth

09 January, 2014 10:59  

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