Friday, April 5, 2013

He So Ronery

Even if we are cursed with the worst, most inept potus in history, the United States still retains a helluva military potential.

Even moreso than was suggested in Team America:  World Police.

Something that North Korea's latest little tin-potbellied dictator, Kim Jong Un, seems at least publically oblivious to.  Him and his "vulnerable to industrial magnets" generals.

But all Un's bellicose babblings have just drawn a big bullseye on him from the cyberhacker world.  A recent online story tells us that internet hackers have 'hijacked' the official Twitter feeds of North Korea, posting photoshopped pictures of Kim Jong Un with a pig nose and a Mickey Mouse tattoo on his ample tummy.

Tough imaging for North Korea's latest in the line of "strongmen".  Word has it that when he was informed, he blurted out "Who put on me pig nose on my tweeter?  What mean this?  You no raugh at me!!!"

And he promptly wanted a nuclear attack on South Park, Colorado.  Which his generals quickly learned he couldn't find on a map, since he was gesturing angrily at Liechtenstein.

North Korea.  When Iran isn't providing comic relief about sending their "Navy" to blockade our East Coast, leave it to North Korea to be the Joe Bidumb of the Far East.

Oh, not to say that North Korea isn't dangerous; it most certainly is to South Korea.  And perhaps Japan as well.  It maintains at least a million men under arms, which it can do by starving the rest of its thoroughly cowed and indoctrinated population.  It has an Air Farce and a Navy.  It purportedly has chemical and biological weapons. purportedly has nukes.  And to deliver these various and sundry payloads, North Korea has  missiles.  Scuds -- those dubiously accurate short range missiles of equally dubious antecedence from the Middle East -- and it's own longer range missile, the Taepodong (English translation:  "It hit and brow up something somewhere") in large and larger format.  It also has other missiles in development, including the Nodong, DangItMissed, and the WTF-II.

The US is no stranger to North Korea.  We fought a war (aka a 'police action' in Trumanese) with them in 1950-53, thanks to a whole slew of political and military miscalculations by the Soviets, us, and China.  A very uneasy armistice has barely held along the "Demilitarized Zone", ever since.

While many in history refer to the Korean War as a war we didn't win or that we even lost, I challenge that assessment with not only economic realities north and south of the Demilitarized Zone, but also with this satellite night time image of the Korean Peninsula:

Totalitarian darkness vs the light of freedom.  'Nuff said.

Anyway...North Korea is all belligerent again.  They do this every so often:  they get vocal, threatening...and chill out when they get some economic concessions from someone.  And after the concessions have been sucked dry, they do it again. 

And why not, as long as it works?  In the past, Jimmah Carter "saved us" from North Korea's "wrath".  More recently, it's Dennis Rodman trying to play da great diplomat. 

With emphasis on 'dip'.

Of course, the North sees weakness in the present American administration.  No surprise:  with the worst potus in history, and his recent appointment of a very inept, concessionary-oriented Secretary of State, North Korea sees an opportunity for gain.

And a chance to make Kim Jong Un the next leading character in a Trey Parker/Matt Stone marrionette parody. 

See, Kim Jong Un's been jealous ever since daddy-san -- Kim Jong Il -- got a song in Hollyweird music lore from the movie Team America:  World Police.  That moving solo, "I So Ronery". 

Kim Jong Un wants a sequel.

So he threatens to destroy the South and nuke the USA, in order for his chance at a Grammy.

All the while, his "vulnerable to one industrial magnet" generals make with a front of aggressive confidence...

Meantime, all Kim Jong Un is really and secretly angling for, is not a military victory, but a part in the next Trey Parker/Matt Stone film:

And a hit single that sweeps the recording world, eclipsing "I So Ronery" at the top of the charts.

I'm sure Dennis Rodman will be happy to be Kim Jong Un's publicist.

Until then...he so ronery...with a hacker-hijacked tweeter.

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Blogger Right Truth said...

That's great, I never paid much attention to those pictures, medals.

""vulnerable to industrial magnets""

Also those night images of the region are always fascinating. You know the only light probably comes from Little Kim's palace.

I've seen pencil drawings made by the few people who have been lucky enough to escape the camps and poverty of North Korea. They remind me of the images from WWII and the Jews, skin and bone, forced to work, given little food.

If all this latest rhetoric from NK is about another deal with the US for food, etc. they are taking it too far.

Whether Obama would do anything I don't know. However, he does love his drones .... ha It was said by one "insider" that Obama would take video of drone strikes to his private quarters and watch them over, and over, and over like watching porn.

Right Truth

05 April, 2013 08:07  
Blogger Sandee said...

He starves his people and his army to further his goal of being a military giant. It's a shame. I see he's well fed though. Go figure.

Have a terrific day. Seymour sends his best. ☺

05 April, 2013 08:28  
Blogger SueAnn Lommler said...

Liked the pig nose tweet pic....I consider the kid (KIM) to be a bully and a pea brain for sure.
Enjoyed your post.

05 April, 2013 09:39  

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