Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lib Drones?

A recent story in Forbes was of minor interest.

Until I had one of those unpatented *TOING*s that you sometimes kinda hate when they happen.

Especially since I gave into it.

The story suggested that a foreign airline pilot -- on approach to JFK Airport in NYC -- spotted what appeared to be a 'drone' aircraft, possibly violating FAA airspace regulations.

Like the government minds their laws being violated (aka, immigration, border security, voter registration, etc).  Guess it all depends on who the violaters donated to or voted for.

At any rate, I had to answer that *TOING*...and I did, widda little edit of my own.  And here is how the story truly* plays out:

Fat Libtard-looking, Soda-Hunting Drones Over Brooklyn? Eh..Mebbe
By E. Whitacker Walt, Staph ‘n Strep Writer
I write about the liberal idiots of today, and how they’ll f**k up technology of the future  
The Federal Aviation & Beverage Size Administration is investigating a report of an unmanned drone flying over New York City on Monday, looking for violations of Mayor Miguelito Loveless Bloomin’Idiotberg’s fascist soda drink size restrictions.

New Yorkers should probably start hiding in the subways with their 20 oz and larger sodas, the sooner the better.
According to a report on pmsnbc.com that had nothing to do with Chris Matthews wetting himself uncontrollably while looking at a picture of the current worst potus in history – though sources confirm that this did happen – the pilot of a ‘Ey, Fuggetaboutdit passenger jet reported spotting "a large, unkempt, mustard-stained unmanned facsimile of Michael Moore-looking dirigible-like aircraft" while on final approach to John F. Kennedy Airport in New York. The object was lumbering over Brooklyn, four to five miles west of the airport, at an altitude of approximately 1,500 feet, with neon arrows lighting up and pointing to persons on the ground with soda containers that were 20 oz and larger, according to the pilot.
New York Police Department Commissioner Ray Kelly recently denied having said that he was acting as the agent for Hizzlackofhonor in researching of and procuring drones for use in patrolling over NYC to make sure BloominIdiotberg’s crackdown on 20 oz ‘n larger soda containers is rigidly enforced. NYPD told Law & Order’s Sam Waterston that the ban on large sodas included him, causing him to threaten to quit a show that’s already cancelled.

And when air traffic controllers radioed other pilots in the area and asked them to look out for the flying object, all the pilots were so busy hiding their 24 oz Slurpees, everyone else apparently missed that it had deflated and wound up in the East River as a temporary trans-fatty island.

Assuming the ‘Ey Fuggetaboudit pilot wasn’t simply mistaken and saw something like a runaway Whoopi Goldberg Bloviating balloon, the most likely explanation is that he spotted a DNC predator drone out looking for conservatives, and mistook it for an unmanned drone built to look like a fat, unkempt Hollyweird libtard.

Explains Department of Homeland Security’s Janet "Border’s Fine, Nothing To See Here" Napolipflappo, "Many "toy" planes and UFOish weather balloons are capable of reaching altitudes far in excess of 1,500 feet, and some of them are quite fat, like Michael Moore".

"F**k", she says, forgetting she’s not in the Situation Room with no microphones, "some RC companies even make models that look just like the Occupy Nothing Useful protesters, so that they can spy on police agencies to determine just where the cops have hidden their "Brown Note Crowd Dispersal" machines the cops keep denying they have".

FAA regulations reportedly limit model planes to a maximum flight altitude of 400 feet, but since the government doesn’t enforce border security or voting laws, it’s not hard to imagine an Occupy RC fan being allowed to flaunt that limit because he voted at least a dozen times for the current worst potus in history.
The ‘Ey Fuggetaboudit pilot’s reported sighting of the blimp – four to five miles west of JFK airport and over an area long known for its restaurants and fattening, greasy foods – also bolsters a theory that the Moore blimp had slipped a programming cog, and was seeking out greasy burger establishments, to go and gorge on after the flight.

The Yoda-look-a-like fitness guru, Richard Simmons was asked about this, but he stormed off the interview because someone laughed at how ridiculous he looked.

Any sort of unauthorized legal voting by registered conservative voters with soda containers of 20 oz or more anywhere near JFK or within spitting distance of the city limits of NYC poses a threat, since they could collide with the rampant and wanton abject stupidity now being imposed by the mayor who clearly has lost all sense of when to change his Depends.

Listening now for the sound of a libtard drone near you...or is that just AlGore verbally flatulating again?

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Blogger Sandee said...

Bwahahahahahahah. Good one.

I can't stand Michael Moore or Whoopi Goldberg or Janet Napolipflaoop or Al Gore or especially Chris Matthews a laundry list of other over the edge liberals.

Have a terrific day. Seymour sends his best. ☺

12 March, 2013 09:23  
Blogger Right Truth said...

I think you've been smoking something you should give up, your mind has really warped this time.


Right Truth

12 March, 2013 15:25  

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