Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bettin' On The Moon Tonight

There's a rumor afoot that 'Vegas is looking to start allowing betting on political elections.

We've already gambled and lost enough there, I reckon.

But that's a nice lead-in to my subject of the week:  basketball.  Especially March Madness basketball.

As I noted in a post a few years back -- hOOPs -- I am not a fan of the sport.  I don't follow it.  I barely understand how to play it.  And in high school gym class, or on one scar-studded college intramural team, I proved that beyond all doubt.  For every point I scored, I committed 1.somethin' er other fouls.

If there was a Basketball Hall of Shame, I'd be there.  My bust, that is...'cuz my game was, too. so many of us human-type-thangs, I occasionally like to dabble in things beyond my ability to grasp.  I've done that repeatedly under the heading of "understanding women", and ever since my testosterone started to carbonate.  And even though my 'fizz' has begun to fade, I can tell you that after years of practical application and practice, I still can't understand women.

But I'll keep trying.  Stubbornness in the face of impossibility  ;-)

So might you view my having tried filling out a bracket for March Madness the past two years.  Last year -- the first time I dun it -- my picks were uninspired nonsense.  I had no idea who to pick or why, so I used an old fashioned method:  I asked my pet rock, Seymour.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh no you don't!  PHHHHFFFFFFTTTTT!"

Well, I did ask him.  He just wouldn't answer, so I made my picks based solely on their respective win-loss records.

And by the end of the first round, my bracket had imploded.  It didn't matter that somehow, two of my Final Four picks made it to the Final Four, even if neither made the Final Two.

So I resolved not to ask Seymour this year.


How did I pick, you ask?  How did a person as low information basketballally as me make reasonable, rational, clearly mathematically-probable bracket selections, with the idea of having a credible shot at picking the ultimate March Madness winner?

PUH-lease.  It's me we're talking about.

I started out with 68 choices.  I wound up with 1. 

And after the first round -- to cut the field in half -- my bracket is again resembling a balsa wood house that was hit by an EF-500 tornado.

Yet, my Final Four are almost still in.  Even if two of them barely made it, and one of them isn't in anyone elses' bracket.

Yes, with all my learned inexpertise, I am probably the only one in the country who predicts that William & Mary will win the NCAA College Basketball Tournament for 2013.

I am sure that Seymour would agree.


Told ya.

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Blogger Sandee said...

I read this to Seymour and he said,

Have a terrific day. Seymour sends his best. ☺

27 March, 2013 08:38  

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