Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Moron Jurassic Air

When a scammer wants to affirm authenticity, he always turns to recognized companies and forms of transport.

Like this one tried:

DEAR CUSTOMER, THANKS FOR USING OURCOURIER SERVICE: your  ATM Card package is officially registered with our UPS COURIER SERVICE  for immediate convening to your destination, please open the attached fill /view  your ATM Card package preparing, the delivery charges already paid by U.N treasury accept the insurance fee & the security keeping fee of $95 dollars which you have to sent to the UPS treasury staff office with the below receiving information to enable the UPS Delivering chief security officer sign & stamp your package for delivery, make the payment with the below information’s through western union or money-ram transfer office of your choice there in your country,
The payment slip & information’s should be forwarded to us once the payment is done for our office record file keeping,
Receiver Name: CELEB ONAH EDE
Question……….. My
[Answer……… own
Send Name and MTCN............?
Amount $95 DOLLARS
You are hereby given 5 working days to make the payment as to avoid counting demurrage, accord into the law OF UPS Delivering company world wide, We shall proceed for the delivery as soon as we confirm the required payment from you, your registration tracking details will be send to you, make sure that you transfer the fee today or tomorrow morning to allow us proceed on your service as soon as possible.
Best Regard.
Mr.Zongo Damnai
Email Address:  
So my character has five days to ship out $95 to some yutz in Burkina Fatso or the deal is off, eh?  Well, I could simply wait out the five days and leave it at that.  But that ain't my way.
So I respond thus, affirming to the scammer that here, I only use one form of air courier service:
I don't use UPS.  I use Jurassic Air exclusively.  You want something delivered?  You will have to get on Jurassic Air's shipping list.  
Jurassic Air:  when it absolutely positively can get lost or eaten overnight.
The scammer actually replied to this as follows:
you are having jest with me?  
No jest.  When Jurassic Air delivers, throw it a sheep and you'll get your delivery.  Don't have a sheep handy and still want your delivery?  Be prepared to offer up a healthy portion of  Jurassic hors d'oeuvre...or become one.
Suddenly, Mr. Zongo seemed to have lost his thirst for my $95...

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Blogger Sandee said...

Well this is about the cheapest scam I've seen. Only $95 bucks. I'm not sure why you didn't go for this one. Just saying.

Have a fabulous day Mike. My very best to Seymour and Element. ☺

07 December, 2016 09:09  

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