Friday, May 20, 2016

More Walmarters

The world of Walmart.

I could be convinced that these people are from Uranus.

Some of you see what I just dun there.

At any rate, another scam email from a Walmarter:

Dearest Friend,

I HOPE THIS EMAIL REACH YOU IN GOOD CONDITION.  I am Mrs. Christy Walton a great citizen of United States of America born in Jackson, Wyoming, United States, I bring to you a proposal which I want you to assist me with. I am worth $ 22.5 billion Dollars which rated me as the 2nd Richest Woman in the World. But as the saying goes, money is not
everything. It is painful now to let you know that I have been suffering from a Heart disease for the past 22 years and just few weeks ago my Doctor told me that I won't survive the illness. And my Will being with my Lawyer of which my family is aware about, but nobody is aware of my 40% Bank Worth which is $9,000,000,000 (Nine Billion United State Dollars).Please reply if interested.

Please reply me back with your below details to enable us proceed further and please do keep this confidential.


Mrs Christy Walton  

Instead of doing an edit -- which would have been rather like shooting fish sticks in a bucket -- I simply responded to the email thus, using how the scammer started it as the keynote:

I regret to inform you that it did NOT reach me in good condition.  *Smiley Face Icon FAIL*  It arrived on life support, apparently hit by a cyber platypus stampede in transit.  Despite all efforts to save it, it died in the throes of monumental syntax error.  And water spots.

You could choose to resend it, but not by way of the last routing.  I hear those cyber platypus are wreaking havoc all along that cyber router.  

My scammer wasn't quite sure what to do with that response:

what is this you talk?  

I talk of great herds of run amok cyber platypus, stampeding and trampling cyber binaries into chopped and scattered syntax errors, making 404 error codes a thing of the now.  Such is the fate as befell your message.  Such may be the fate of countless other messages unless the scourge of stampeding cyber platypus are expunged.  Are you in?  

Apparently not.  The great Walmart empire would seem to have limits...

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Blogger Sandee said...

This is a lot of money. Are you sure you're going to pass on this great investment? I think you should reconsider. Bwahahahahahahaha.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

20 May, 2016 09:25  

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