Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Time To Have Had Enough

The news from Paris, France, was horrific.  The "religion of peace" struck again, showing its peaceful inclinations by killing at least 129 and injuring hundreds more.  All innocent civilians at various locations around Paris.

France closed its borders and her leader said that France would act "mercilessly" against the perpetrators of this act:  islamofascists.

It's past time, and not for just France...Europe needs to take the bloody wakeup call from Paris and rise up in a body against the "religion of peace".  And do so with a ferocity the islamofascists will finally get loud and clear.

While America's so-called "leader" refuses to acknowledge Islamic terrorism, and a ragingly dishonest, ambitious and cackling former suckretary of state claims that Islamic terrorism is rooted in "climate change", plenty of more rational, reasoned Americans can cut through the talking points drivel and get it.

Hence, this symbol of solidarity with France.  I don't always agree with what France's take on things are; but after Friday, November 13, 2015...it's time to stand with them and fully support a righteous and wholly lethal response to islamofascism.

The free and Western world needs to be one with this.  Send the Islamic bastards to Hell, and do it emphatically.  The time for political correctness was never.  Send it back to a few sniveling college campuses and let the leftist whiners commiserate with it in a 'safe space'.

Or keep trying to appease a cancer, and prepare for more 9/11/01s and 11/13/15s across Europe and the West.


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Blogger Herb said...


17 November, 2015 05:05  
Blogger Sandee said...

Spot on Mike, spot on.

Have a terrific day. My best to you and my buddy Seymour. ☺

17 November, 2015 08:22  

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