Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Fah Down Go Boom

*NOTE:  this is being written before the Sweet 16 match up to pare down to the Elite 8*

As I've stated before in this blog, me and basketball are not remotely synonymous.

Even if I occasionally dribble.

I never took to the sport.  I was never good when I had to or even thought to attempt the sport.  In a simple game of 'Horse', I could never win a letter, let alone buy a vowel.  One foolish effort to impress a basketball-loving woman I was dating in college had me join an intramural basketball league.  As a member of the worst team therein.

Besides embarrassing ourselves, it didn't work for me personally with her.

I don't watch it.  I don't follow it.  For all I know, William & Mary didn't have a team 'cuz they were arguing about the toilet seat up or down all season.

So in keeping with being my occasionally non sequitur self, I fill out a March Madness bracket every year these past four.  I seem intent on proving to the world my cluelessness on the subject.  The past three, I have done that most conclusively.

At least this year, I'm not alone  ;-)

I entered that Quicken Billion Dollar challenge.  Not with any notion of pick a perfect bracket?  *long stretch of LMAO followed by necessary oxygen to recover*

I just didn't expect my bracket to implode so rapidly.  Starting with the very first game.

My stats up  to now:  I have 30 correct picks out of 48 so far.  As I gaze upon an overview of my total brackets, all but one look like silk curtains in the House of Cats.  The one that is amazingly intact, I have a feeling I picked the wrong winner on that one (which is probably proven by the time this posts; I picked Louisville over Kentucky), and it doesn't matter, 'cuz the team I picked to emerge triumphant from that particular bracket went phffffffffft already.

Despite all that, 3 of my Final Four picks are still in.

One of my Final Two is still there.

I still have a chance that I picked the ultimate winner. least before the upcoming weekend, anyway.

So no billion dollars.  Not even a $100,000 chance, like there ever was one.

Worse, I will have to live with listening to my pet rock crow.  Seymour is 4 picks better than me at this point.  Who but a pet rock would have picked Mercer over Duke?

"Nyah nyah!"

At least he's no better in the Final Two:  Wichita State went phfffffffffffft.


Seymour's even a sore winner.

"Am NOT!!!!"

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Blogger Sandee said...

Seymour is my buddy and he can do whatever he wants. It's fine by me. Please tell him that.

Have a terrific day. My best to Seymour. :)

26 March, 2014 10:38  
Anonymous Debbie said...

Did you see where college football players on scholarship can now be considered "employees" and can form Unions??? How long will it be before the government will try to get taxes on their tuition money?

Right Truth

27 March, 2014 16:08  

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