Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I realize that some of these douche nozzles don't read what you write back to them; they consider ANY response something for them to work with.

So I guess that when I get an email like this:

Dear Beneficiary
  How will you and your family we have been waiting for you, for
Your compensation contact did not respond, if you do not
are interested
in your fund, let us know, because of the delay, which is
it, to inform you that your fund valued (2,500,000.00 EUR)
Keystone Bank Of African was deposited today. For your convenience,
have an online transmission by 24 hours by e-banking in
to your local account.

With this method, you will be the movement of local funds online
track until your account is properly credits. Contact the bank,
to staff with the details on how you can get your money, so you can
They are the transmission of urgent start.

CONTACT: Dr_Usman Bello


Below the details required by you so that we proceed further

Your full name:
Phone Number:
Street Name:
District / City:
Date of Birth:
County Name:
Name of bank:
Account Number:
IBAN number:
Monthly income:
Job Title:

We await the above details urgently

Director Freeman  

And I respond like this:

Mr. Usman Bello...isn't she the transsexual monkey f**ker from Burundi that I read about in the Lagos Times News?  

And I wind up with a response to my response like this:

yes get back too us now so that we can proceed further now ok 

You know that you're not only dealing with less than cream of the crop...you're dealing with the lowest of the low informationers.

Needless to say, you know all you need to know about these scammers.  If you called the Obozodoesn'tcare So-Called Help Line, you probably talked to one of them...



Blogger Sandee said...

Bless their thieving hearts.

Have a fabulous day. My best to Seymour. ☺

18 March, 2014 10:42  
Anonymous Debbie said...

I wondered how many actually respond to your responses.

Right Truth

20 March, 2014 17:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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