Sunday, December 8, 2013

An Online FAIL

How many email scammer "handlers" do you suspect are doing this when the response their employees receive to one of their scams, happens to be one of MINE?

I hope most of them.

But I digress.

You gotta know that some handlers of Third World internet cafes -- having to use sub-educated persons of dubious antecedence as exist in Nigeria and out of the Washington DC public school system -- are doing what this icon is doing, after reading what their charges are sending out.

Take for example this online loan scam I just received:

We offer both business and personal loans worldwide bir anyone above
18 years with interest rate of 3%. If you are stressed financially
hiçbir new problem is more because surely solve your financial
problems easily you. This loan company can be trusted because of our
great expercience bir Over the years, the applicant must submit mezar:

Name: __________________________
Address: ________________________
Country: _________________________
Occupation: ______________________
Loan Reguest_____________________
Loan____________________ purpose
Loan Duration______________________
Monthly income: ____________________
Phone: _____________________
LOAN DURATION____________________

Looks like something you'd see out of a DC high school senior, doesn't it?

If that doesn't make a scam email handler want to bang their head, my edit of the email might:

We offer both biscuits and personal lesions in prostitutional
Englishese farm letters worldwide to anyones above 18 years
virginity with a plus or minus rape of 3% con carnaged daily.
If you are stressed at reading this, wait until the next sentence.
Hiçbir new problem is more because surely solve your financial
problems easily you.  See what I meaned?
This loan company -- Marian Lisa Loan Home & Vagina can be
trusted because of our having provided teleprompter service to
your current potus since 2007, back when we realize he read
everything we teleprompt.  We still laughing at the "if you lick your
insurance plan you can sleep with it" one.
So for good time with great expercience bir Over the years,
you as the applicant must submit mezar*

Name: __________________________
Address: ________________________
Country: _________________________
Occupation: ______________________
Loan Guest: ______________________
Loan Reguest_____________________
Loan First Guest/Reguest purpose or porpoise:____________________
Loan Duration______________________
Mothly income: ____________________
Number of socks they eat when in they come: _______________________
Phone: _____________________
LOAN DURATION____________________
I already asked that didn't I: ________________________
*  WTF is mezar?  Not we know, but it writed in original email,
so it must be elephant to this emailage.  Your insults may vary. 
No, I don't expect I'll win any points here with the politically correct crowd.  They probably got duped by this email, and they think it isn't fair that I didn't  ;-)

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Blogger Sandee said...

I spewed my coffee with the Washington D.C. public schools. Right on the money.

Have a fabulous day. My best to Seymour. :)

08 December, 2013 11:02  
Blogger Right Truth said...

Remember when Ted Cruz compared the Obamacare website to Nigerian scammers ...

Well, the website forwards people to an identical site to find their passwords, and phishes for PIN numbers.

Right Truth

08 December, 2013 16:41  

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