Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Time To Remember, Salute...And Something More

May 20, 2013.  Late afternoon, and I was tuned into a local OKC news TV station that was reporting on the unfolding disaster in Moore, Oklahoma.

Off to the side of the live feed, was a chat screen, with comments pouring in.

And more than a few of them came from absolute, abject MORONS.

Many on the Left, which came as no surprise to me, what with what I see from them on social media.  But also, some intolerables from the Right.

Yesterday, I kept my thoughts rightly where they belonged:  on the victims in Moore, and the incredibly gutsy first responders who were risking life and limb to get in there to help.

Today, my best wishes and prayers remain with those two most important groups.  My lower primal thoughts are reserved for the aforementioned trolls. 

But first:  what happened in Moore, Oklahoma, not 24 hours ago was a random act of Nature at her ugliest.  Whether it was an EF-4 or EF-5, Mother Nature's very much darker side was a reminder to us all that, in the end, Nature still rules.

No arguments from victims of major earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes and other natural disasters.

The Earth has been around for..hell...3.5-4.5 billion years or so.  It's face and climates have changed many, many times over.  When major eco-systems come and go, the Earth remains.  When major life forms come and go...the Earth remains.  If we idiot humans stupidly nuked ourselves out of existence tomorrow...the Earth would remain.  If a rogue asteroid lined up on and hit Earth -- triggering an E.L.E (Extinction Level Event) catastrophe -- we'd likely be gone in short order.  But the Earth would remain. 

And in a few hundred thousand years, other forms of life would adapt to our folly or misfortune.  As we did after the species we followed.

The Earth will only die when a collision with a large enough asteroid utterly destroys it, or the Sun burns out, goes nova, or at whatever point it quits providing that which nourishes and provides the life here as we now know it.

Now..and first to you libtard morons who are unhinged on AlGore's AGW fraud:  tornadoes are possibly as old as this planet.  Tornadoes were killing animals on the Great Plains long before Man knew what a tornado was.  When you libtard MORONS claim that May 20, 2013 in Moore was the product of climate change naysayers, you show your abject and abysmal education and lack of common sense.

The tri-state tornado in 1925 killed more than 700 people.  What did your AGW fraud have to do with that?  NOT ONE FRIGGIN' THING.  Bad years and mild years for tornadoes, hurricanes, droughts, flooding, winter storms...check a reliable source for records on them (not some junk science site run by a Moron.org meth-addicted libtard).

The Earth's weather patterns and cycles are affected by geologic and solar influences.  The Earth's crust and land masses are ever in motion.  It's crust, ever in motion.  Approximately 10,000 or so years from now -- assuming either is still there -- LA and SF will be 'burbs of each other.

And weather patterns are everchanging and CYCLICAL.  Geologists know this from studies of 600,000 years worth of layered sediment.  Geology.  Solar activity.

What's more...the Earth doesn't give one friggin' damn about a tree hugging hippie, or an alleged conservative who wants to poison his grandkids' water and air.  The Earth doesn't give a DAMN about libtards or conservatives or any other political ideology.

The Earth does what it does naturally.  Including introduce disasters to it's current human inhabitants.

Just as it did to preceding life forms.

As for WHY it does it where it does it...it's because Earth simply does what it does.  HOW it does it is infinitely more complex than I'll ever be able to explain, but it simply does what it does.  And when it does one of those rather critically unpleasant things that excite 24 news cycles, and it does it around where people live...most of us feel bad for them, and at the same time feel glad we weren't there.

Either way, the Earth doesn't care.

For those of you who believe in a higher power, God is forgiveness and forebearance; the Earth...not so much.  Earth doesn't care if you're in the path of a flash flood racing down a mountain canyon, or at the epicenter of a magnitude 8.9 earthquake, or on the Gulf Coast in the path of Hurricane Camille or Katrina, or within range of an erupting volcano.

Or...living in a town that's being randomly targeted by an EF-4/5 tornado, one of Nature's most violent and random acts of Earth doing what Earth does.

You can pray to God, and God will hear you...but the Earth won't care.  It's doing what it does.

As it did in Moore, Oklahoma.  And as it will do in other places, again and again.

And that, libtard morons, has nothing to do with the fraud of AGW, conservatives, guns, fiscal responsibility, or any other cock and bull crap you're told to spew by low information talking points.

On the other hand...for the Wasteburro Flaptrap "God is punishing you" crowd...as I said, the God I believe in and was raised to believe in, is forgiving and forebearing.  He does hear prayers, even when, much as we wish otherwise, the answer is no. 

The god you claim to preach about...is anywhere from a malignant sock puppet, to Satan himself.  Either way, that abomination you honor has nothing to do with decent honest people, or decent civil society. 

Frankly, the God I believe in might just be forgiving and forebearing enough to take a reformed Wasteburro Flaptrapian into Heaven, assuming that they renounced all of their hateful bile that they spew here.  But I suspect that God would even hesitate to saddle Satan himself with Shirley Phelps-Roper.

Stuffing her on a rocket and shooting it to Uranus probably wouldn't be fair.  To Uranus.

Okay...that's my ineloquent vent.  Like it or not...I've had my say.  And here, my say is final.

Granted that's only here...but here -- in my little piece of blogdom -- I don't suffer libtard or Wasteburro Flaptrap morons, period.

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Anonymous cyndy west said...

you hit it and you hit it good

21 May, 2013 08:50  
Blogger Sandee said...

May Shirley Phelps-Roper rot in Hades. This is spot on my friend.

Have a terrific day. ☺

21 May, 2013 09:52  
Blogger Right Truth said...

Nicely done. There are kooks on both sides, no doubt about it.

The Phelps crowd are evil, full of hatred parading around claiming to be Christians.

Right Truth

21 May, 2013 15:32  

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