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A Peek Into The Life Of Seymour In Pictures

Seymour and his former gal pal, Jane, on the beach in Japan
A few posts back, I mentioned that I had photos to back up some of the claims that I'd made on my pet rock's travelling behalf.

I'm dipping into the archives to share a few (aka, it's a slow post week).


In case you hadn't gathered it, that was Seymour's way of responding to my 'aka'.

Anyway...the first photo in the series here is Seymour and his Iowa-growd (and filched from) gal pal, Jane.  They are on the beach outside of the Moooo! Bar on Shiraishi Island, in the Inland Sea, south of Kyushu.  They were hosted there in summer of 2007 by fellow blogger and writer Amy Chavez, aka "Cow Lady".

Yes, she is the covert "Cow Lady" who rescued Seymour from, er..."domestic difficulties" in Ohio, shortly after his tenure in Japan ended.  He returned, sans Jane.

Yes, I told you I had a photo of the "Cow Lady".  Ain't she udderly adorable?

From there, Seymour went to Texas, where -- I say it again -- he married a wind chime.  Yes, he did.  Granted, it was at the insistence of his hostess there, Monica Newton McCawley.

Yes, that's Windy and Seymour, just before the wedding ceremony that brought them back as a couple. 

And here is the 'wedding' ceremony, Texas-style:

Which went okay, I guess...until the honeymooning couple were off to North Carolina, meeting two more of my good blogging friends, Mayden and Pixie:

This is Seymour, thoroughly enjoying meeting Pixie.

However, during the visit, Seymour partook of a Halloween party with a table decoration named "Skull", which Windy was not amused by.

Here Seymour meets 'Skull', apparently while Windy fumes off-camera. 

Anyway, when it was time for Seymour's next jaunt -- to Virginia -- to spend time with the talented writer/artist Janine, Windy did not accompany him.  Too bad, too:  Seymour got the full cultural treatment in Virginia.

He got to see historical sites in Washington, DC.

Seymour learned the art of making pizza (which he rather inconveniently forgot when he got back here).

Seymour became rather bookish there, learning much about his own heritage.

Seymour learned a thing or two about painting...which he thankfully didn't try to take up here.

And Seymour cracked a little 'bubbly' for New Years Eve, 2011.  Which might explain a later escapade in '13, but I digress...

Meantime, Windy decided to pull the plug on her and Seymour when he returned from Virginia, so she went back to Texas, while he decided a trip closer to home was due.  So Seymour went triathaloning with my older sister in Aurora, CO, and then was off to Loveland, to meet my other sister's equestrian triad...

Seymour gets an impromptu ride on Lena, while...

Mara looks on and Renny clowns with Seymour...

And Seymour even winds up getting photoshopped...he wanted to keep the moustache, claiming it made him a "geologic stud".

At present, Seymour is in Califorlornia, hosted by yet another blogging friend, Sandee.  Though, I must say, Seymour's behavior has been a bit...uh...disconcerting.  However, when he's good...

He's seeing double at the Encinal Yacht Club...

Or donning a life vest before yachting off the Califorlornia coast.  Not a bad life for a pet rock.

See...told you I had pictures.  You thought I was making all this up, huh?  I even have Seymour and his pals here reading one of Monica's published friend's books (Paula Bruno):

Or fare from my home state of Iowa...

Seymour and his pet rock sidekick, Element (a gift for Seymour from his North Carolina friend for life, Mayden) love looking at the pictures of Iowa's four seasons and rural Americana.  He'd also like to go visit Devil's Backbone State Park, just to see if it really looks like the Devil's backbone.  Having climbed around on it as a kid, I can assure him it is...especially at my middle-aged status now. up for Seymour (assuming he doesn't get arrested again before he comes home in May)...a trip to rural Arkansas.

Perhaps he'll bring peace betwixt the Hatfields and McCoys.

Or target practice.


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Blogger Sandee said...

I love this post and have learned so much more about Seymour. He says it's pretty accurate, but he also says you are very biased. Imagine that.

Instead of have my usual Seymour post on Saturday, I've put a link in my comment game for folks to read this post.

Have a terrific day. Seymour sends his best. ☺

11 April, 2013 09:49  

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