Sunday, March 15, 2015

The InAction Figure of 2016 (and before)

I thought my pet rock was going to projectile vomit when he seed this.

I was glad I hadn't eaten yet.

I guess that this is meant to mask the missing emails, the illegal server, the years of lies and misinformation that makes Hillary -- at least according to the Left -- the 'smartest woman in the world' and the 'inevitable president'.

I seem to remember that she was inevitable in 2008.

Oh, that's right...she was trumped by a records hiding, race card playing, Alinsky dedicated islamofascist appeaser and abject liar named Obola.

Too bad...I mean, I went out and bought the Hillary Nutcracker, just in case.

At least the maker of the 2015 'action doll' got something right.  No, not the lack of wrinkles:

Maybe the pants suit...though I reckon it'd be more fitting as a jail house orange jump suit:

No, what the doll maker got right was the hips.  The hips of the nut cracker were NOT to scale.

Of course, there's some spirited debate on just what kind of 'action' figure ol' Hill is:

Yeah, she'd rather we forget about the "taking sniper fire in Bosnia" which was discredited almost as fast as a Brian Williams NBC Nightly News segment.  Her "cattle futures" trading.  Her missing/reappearing Rose Law Firm billing records.  Her getting fired from the Watergate investigative committee for lying and unethical behavior; her "pretty in pink" press conference where she came up with the "vast right wing conspiracy" going after ol' Bill and his lying about intern genital humidors.  What's going on with and WHO is giving billions to the 'Clinton Foundation' that's getting spent in untold ways:

Exactly what it was she accomplished while Secretary of State...apart from convincing our enemies that we're weak and inept with Obola at the helm...was illegally not following the rules regarding emails, email accounts and saving records required legally by her job:

She certainly left the rest of the world in more chaos than she and her boss, Obola, found it:

She lost $6 BILLION in her State Department during her stewardship that has not as yet been accounted for.  And she plans to follow her Marxist boss' footsteps domestically as well:

At any rate, there you have it:  some hopeful entremanure has come out with a Hillary action figure doll in time for 2016.  I wonder if it can do what she does better than about anyone in DC:

Though, I reckon I should coiffer my bets taking out and dusting off that Hillary Nutcracker, just in case America "doesn't wake up", with or without a hashtag.

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Blogger Sandee said...

Most of America will take Hillary to keep a republican out of the white house. It's just the way things are.

I linked you to Silly Sunday, but this is funny and yet it's so sad.

Have a fabulous day. Say hey to Seymour. Hope he's behaving himself. ☺

15 March, 2015 10:24  

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