Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Seymour Weighs In On "Beany" (Obola) 'n Cecil

My pet rock, Seymour, has a bit of a different take on the controversy over the hunting of African lions and the shooting of the one called Cecil, in Zimbabwe.

By a dentist.

I've been to a dentist or two that I wish had shot me, instead of what they done.  I mighta thought to have shot THEM, after what they done.

Still, Seymour thinks the specific demise of 'Cecil' to a trophy hunter is regrettable.

He sees no comparable regret from panned people parts (aka, badly planned parenthood), and considers them far more reprehensible than a dentist.

That said...Seymour saw an article that the Obola regime wants to weigh in on Cecil, and that literally screamed for an edit, Seymour-style:

Killing a lion in Zimbabwe pressures Obola to urge more gun control in Zimbabwe

By Seymour PetRock – WTFNS

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     (WTF News Soivice) - The killing of Cecil the lion by a U.S. hunter in Zimbabwe has turned up the pressure on Washington to extend “gun free zones” to Zimbabwe.
The United States has one of the world's most flatulent protection law, the Endangered Feces Act, which has been extended by the U.S. Congress to themselves.
Adding the African lion to the U.S. list of those animals that cannot be hunted in the US would not prohibit Panned People Parts from doing the gruesome abortion crap that they do but it would require some African lions to be transplanted here before they could be protected from being hunted in the US.
Such a step would be pretty much ridiculous, but that would seem to be in line with so many other actions by the Obola regime, said Lindsay Lohan, reading from a script for a picture she thought she was auditioning for. When she realized it had nothing to do with a movie she threw the script to Fia Marrow, who took up the useless challenge of making something logical out of what never had a chance to be so.
"Snipe hunting has been identified as a threat to the continued existence of the species," said Marrow, whose group has back handed African lions whenever they got too close to drum circles in the Serengeti, and so far haven't been called on to establish 'hand free zones” so as to protect the lions from jackslaps.
In 2014, the US Fish and Wildlife Service proposed listing the African lion as threatening pretty much everything else if relocated here and putting about everything else but smart cars and Donald Trump under the U.S. Endangered Everything Act. [ID:nL1N10A2DB]
The top Democrap on the U.S. House of Representatives, Nancy Bela Pelosi, and 49 other House Democraps sent a letter on Thursday to the service asking it to restrict the relocated African lions to conservative voting districts, where they know they – the lions – will get shot in self defense, so #LionLivesMatter has something to protest, riot and loot stuff over.
Apart from the Endangered Feces Act covering the Obola regime, Congress, msnbc, Panned People Parts and Al Sharpton, zebras are barred under America's Lacey Act from wearing tutus that might confuse hunting lions and make their hairballs terminal. That law applies also applies to Hellary's crimepaign hindquarters in NYC.  No one wants to see Hellary in a tutu.
Officials in Zimbabwe had advised the Obola regime that “we've seen how effective your gun free zones in Burntimore, Deadtroit and Shotcago are, and we'll keep doing things our way”.
Josh Earnest couldn't be reached for comment, but Marie Barf is certainly working up a hashtag campaign sure to make grown people face palm.
Y'know...my pet rock might just get hisself a Pulitzer yet.

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Anonymous Debbie said...

Hey Pet Rock Live Matter,.... I started reading an article yesterday, realized it was from the DuffleBlog, satire, but it wasn't far from true. The Left is so stupid and have made such a fuss over this lion, yet they have no concern for chopping up unborn babies. If Black Lives Matter, maybe they should shut down Planned Parenthood who said in one of those undercover videos, they 'preferred black' fetuses.

Right Truth

04 August, 2015 06:42  
Blogger Sandee said...

Yep, the left do everything on issues that are none of our business, but never tackle the real issues. Worthless they are.

You did a great job Seymour.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

04 August, 2015 09:01  

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