Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Anuddah Blog Foist

No, not the headline (or the parody paper).

The blog had a new and likely never before visitation from.....*drum roll*, not Liechtenstein (still waiting for that one)....but from....


And shortly I'll get around to looking it up on a map.

Hey, I can get excited about a couple-three page hits from a country wherefrom the language I regularly invoke in jest if not spell correctly; besides, China's pissed at me again and has quit looking in once more.

My pet rock apparently picks on their friend Kim Jong Un too much.

Folks what looked in on the blog this week include:  Germany, Greece, UK, Ireland, India, South Korea, Singapore, Ukraine, Russia, France, Spain, Nigeria, Australia, the Philippines, Sweden, Turkey, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, Portugal, Poland, Hong Kong, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Algeria and Canada.

I think a few South Koreans like how my pet rock baits Kim Jong Un.

Not sure why Greece is looking in, but a hat tip to Athens before they go broke.

India's looking in because a few scammers I've pissed off are there, along with Nigeria.  And Russia.  Perhaps even Ukraine.

I think that Germany looks in because I occasionally write 'flieger schiesse' and 'hundsfott', allowing a search engine to pick up on it.

The UK has its share of scammers too...along with scam baiters. 

Canada probably looked in because of my South Park references, which may or may not have included Terrence & Philip, but did note that Canadian Scott really IS a dick, just as Terrence and Philip suggest.

The French look in because...well...what ELSE have the French to do, besides drink wine, eat cheese, catch some rays and watch out-of-control radical muzzie cancer cell immigrants trash their country?

Don't worry, France:  some offended-by-everything lefty moron in the US is being offended for you.'s Azerbaijan for those of you that, like me, couldn't place it on a map:

At least this is what it looks like today, before Putin tries to retake it via covert or overt means.

That statement should cost me some Russian visits shortly.

At one point a few weeks ago, I had a spike in hits from Switzerland; perhaps one or more of them were from Liechtenstein.  Really, Liechtenstein:  speak for yourself.  I want to see ONE page visit from Liechtenstein.

Hell, I got one from Vietnam.  Only one, but if THEY can drop by...certainly you in bucolic Liechtenstein can make the trip.

I promise you that you won't have to read anything in Azerbaijani.  Except for teh Gooble Translate, I wouldn't have the first clue what Azerbaijani would look like.

At least I know it doesn't look like this:

No, that makeover is wholly leftist American.  Probably wishes I wouldn't say "American" in the same sentence with "leftist".  Either way...a hole, to be sure.  *Hoping that stupor volunteers for hitlary pick up on offending the chronically offended*


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Blogger Sandee said...

Well, you do have visitors from all over the world.

Hillary is a horses ass and I mean no disrespect to the horse.

Have a fabulous day. My best to Seymour. ☺

01 July, 2015 10:06  

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