Saturday, June 13, 2015

Another Wale FAIL

The South African scammer Wale "Cash" Point apparently still has his job at Western Union in Pretoria, South Africa.

Which is why I don't use Western Union, but I digress.

I suspect that ol' Wale has surfaced on that site with me again, under the names of Klara Monet and Stella Dixon.  Each time, the conversation goes on until both of those characters suddenly had reason to just happen to 'be in South Africa' and wanted me to Western Union them money in Pretoria.  Soon as I (or one of my aliases) brought up the fact that I knew a scammer in the Western Union office there by the name of Wale 'Cash' Point, all communications ceased. 

Well...he surfaced again...once more trying to play the 'Britney Clinton' character on a dating site that *winked* at me.

This Britney Clinton claimed to be 30 and lives in Oakland, Arkansas.

Uh huh.  Probably one of Bill's illicit genital humidors.

Since I already knowed the drill, this one didn't take so long as you'll emails are in italics, the scammer in bold:

You winked at me?  Thank you.  The picture you're using is very attractive.   Who is it? 

What is your name and where are you from?  ('she' already knew that from the original site).

My name is Ben and I'm from Denver CO.  You're from Arkansas?  
Yes, how old are you, are you married with kids?  
I'm 45 and not married to kids as yet.  Is that some part of your plan?  
Am 28 single ('she' lost a couple years suddenly) and no kids but maybes someday with the right mans.  Is that why you here?
Oh yes...looking to be the right mans for the right womans.  What has been your experience on this site so far?   
Nothing before you.  how long have you been on the site and what has been your experience on the site?   
We're taking a somewhat familiar track in the conversation, so I decide to accelerate the process with a prod that will either prove I'm right or draw, at the least, a feigned "what do you mean?".
Well I have been on the site for about 3 months now.  My experience here is that I'm hearing from alleged women about your age that are actually an online scammer from South Africa that claims to be American women, when he is actually a full-of-sh** South African man that works at Western Union in South Africa and posts on Facebook as Wale Cash Point.  Perhaps you know him?  He scams, interestingly enough, using your name, among others.  Different pictures, but your name among others.  Fortunately, I learned all about him and his scam on a blog that got all the information on him.  So...what are you looking for here, 'Britney'?  
The response I got suggests that I win game, set and match:
Another swing and a miss, strike three called, Wale.  You need a new scam you sandpoundingly stupid moron.  
That makes it me 5, Wale 0.  I wonder if he'll be up to making me a double ace?


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