Sunday, June 7, 2015

What FIFA, The DNC and DC Have In Common

Yes, there IS a commonality between those three, but that's for later.

Amongst the vuvuzelas of justice, there comes to the fore a scandal in the top of the world soccer community, FIFA.

Not the only alleged top of something that has that problem.

My pet rock, Seymour -- pictured here and a big reason Grog there is regretting his attempt on goal -- found the story about FIFA's embattled president winning re-election after being exposed as a high priced scumbag to be edit worthy.  I suspect that before the edit is done, the commonality referenced in the blog post title will become evident:

Sepp Blatter wins FIFA re-election and Hillary Takes Notes

By Seymour PetRock WTF News

Sepp Blatter wins re-election as president of FIFA, shortly after over a dozen current/former executives and associates are indicted for charges ranging from racketeering, bribery and kickbacks in the world of professional soccer.

Hillary hopes to emulate this in 2016, without the nuisance of a doj indictment.

Perhaps it's Blatter who has taken note of the career and history of Hillary and Bill that allowed him to triumph in the face of rampant FIFA corruption that has flourished under his watch.

It was also something straight out of America's leftist controlled and spinning out of control cities, such as Shotcago and Burntimore...leftist criminality is on the march.

As Hillary hopes for next year, Blatter looked the other way as nefarious business was conducted, or knew where bodies were buried. Right out of the Clinton Administration and later Foundation playbooks.

Probably whatever money he had FIFA give the Clinton Foundation, paid off.

Blatter wanted the same kind of transparency that HRC claims to be (which is absolutely none); and that is what FIFA winds up retaining, despite the sounding vuvuzelas of scandal.

Blatter and HRC should be married. They certainly appear to be philosophically. Besides, Bill's busy with interviewing interns for their genital humidor qualifications.

Blatter claims to be “the right man to clean up the mess that he either inspired or didn't bother to fix all these years”. Right out of the Hillary Scandals playbook that the lamestream servile mediocres won't challenge. 

What difference does it make?

"You know me already," Blatter said. "I don't have to introduce myself. You know what you are dealing with”.

Indeed. A corrupt scumbag that George Soros would be proud to affiliate with. And Al Sharpton. And Obola. Who will, you can bet, not let his dumbed down, corrupt doj be too big of nuisance to Blatter or Clinton in the months ahead.  Obola has a pen and phone, and room on his growing executive clemency list to fit Blatter and HRC in amongst all the islamofascist terrorists he'll be excusing. 

When it comes to the death of journalism in the lamestream servile mediocre community, scandals of and on the Left are essentially meaningless. In FIFA, or in the Democrap National Committee. Or in the Clinton Foundation.

Cancer is cancer. And the mediocres are okay with the kind of cancer the left brings.

"You can't ask people to behave ethically just like that," Blatter said Friday.

He must know the Clintons and the DNC very well, indeed.

Blatter sounds just like a product of the modern Democrap Party. He is overloaded by controversy, saddled by criminal investigations, facing upcoming controversies over Benghazi and foreign money/influence buying to the Clinton Foundation while Suckretary of State, and lacking even a modicum of credibility outside of the lamestream servile mediocres.

Yet with criminal activity and corruption scandals lying at his feet, Blatter wins a fifth term. And Hillary – remembering disgraced Washington, DC mayor Marion Barry, re-elected after being arrested and disgraced while in office – wants her chance to finish off whatever credibility and legitimacy is left after Obola has ruined the Oval Office.

It will be celebrated in the back outhouses of the Clinton crimepaign – and in the sewers of msnbc – as a road map for 2016.  

Actually, Seymour did wind up tying in the title's commonality after all.  Kinda hard to miss it, let alone deny it.  Except amongst the Left, where denial IS a river in Egypt.

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Blogger Sandee said...

No more Clinton's in the white house. No more Bush's in the white house. Please.

Have a fabulous day. My best to Seymour. ☺

07 June, 2015 10:32  

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