Friday, June 19, 2015

Editing Space Between the Ears

Even as he travels, my pet rock Seymour keeps an eye to the news.

And found something he can't HEP but edit.

Seems a Russian wants NASA investigated over the moon a result of the FIFA investigations.

Tit-ski for tat-ski.

My pet rock got hisself on a roll for this one:

Russian Nipplehead Says Apollo Program Should Be Investigated For...Oh Hell, Anything

According to a Tuesday article in the Moscow Crimes, a spokesman for Russia’s Investigating Hillary's Claim To Be A Transspecied Horses Ass Committee named Vladimir Stephanopoulouse Disputin suggested that an intercosmic investigation be mounted into some of the “various murky details surrounding those who question what exactly Hillary is, speciologically”.

 Reminded not to digress, Disputin threw in the need “to investigate the U.S. moon landings between 1969 and 1972 for having committed rights violations of moon natives.” Disputin would particularly like to know where some of the complaints filed by moon natives went to and why the original footage of the Apollo 11 moon landing has a watermark “Made in Japan”. Disputin hastened to add that he is, of course, not himself a black unicorn, though he does lean toward believing himself to be the reintarnation of Jedd Clampett, sorta.

A wholly discredited leftist flop of a publication – Outhouse Salon – used this opportunity to bring up the largely discredited conspiracy theory that NASA faked the moon landings in order to get mentioned in a James Bond movie – Moon Rocks Are Diamonds If They Think They Are – without going through the effort of actually capturing and bringing back to Earth a moon rock that thinks such.

Everything from an episode by the Capitol Steps to photo shops at Dream Quirks has made it even harder to tell Caitlyn Jenner from Rachel Dolezal if they say they think they are twin sisters from another mister.

Disputin denies that he is upset at American investigations of Vuvuzelas International, the governing body for World Cup Vuvuzela Orchestration At Sporting Events, which resulted in the resignation of millions of people to being subjected to mass vuvuzelas during some insignificant sporting events in Europe, Africa and South Detroit. Other non sequitur revelations have focused attention of how Russia and Qatar began looking into investing in Bill Clinton's genital cigar humidors – made from 100% female interns – if his horse's ass wife is elected in 2016. Again breaking with digressing, they also are looking for moon residents who felt abused by the NASA visits of James Bond to the moon during one of his many movies. Investigators believe that Rachel Dolezal is actually Joseph Stalin's late second wife, Olga Bigbuttinsky.


What the point would be of an international investigation of whether or not this photo is one of Caitlyn Jenner's cat -- aside from petty revenge for Russia – is settled science according to global gendering proponents.

The issue of race on the moon proved to be a triumph for James Bond and an utter humiliation for SPECTRE. Some historians believe that the moon landings contributed to the eventual fall of the ruble by proving that you can't buy duct tape with pieces of eight.

Relations between Russia and the United States have been strained ever since the making of that Rocky 'n Bullwinkle movie that reminded us of Boris and Natasha's really lousy accents. Russia has openly talked of ending The Kardashians on Kremlin Cable TV, and striking out on a high fast ball out of the zone by doing a remake of The Gongski Show on Rublelodian. A variety of technical glitches and total inability of making Hillary in a thong look like Kanye West have cast doubt on Russia’s ability to do so, and freaking out lamestream servile mediocres trying to prop up a Hillary crimepaign.

I think my pet rock manages to piss off pretty much everyone on the Left with this edit.

"Did NOT!!!"

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Blogger Sandee said...

Who cares if Seymour pisses everyone off on the left. They piss us off all the time. Fair play if you ask me. Seymour did a fine job too.

Have a terrific day and weekend. My very best to Seymour. ☺

19 June, 2015 09:50  

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