Friday, May 8, 2015

Nigerian Illuminincompoops Slow To Grasp The Obvious

Yes, they is.

There is one Nigerian illuminincompoop email address that sends me an invite every time I copy them on an edited email scam.  And I usually fill it out in silly, insulting ways, which usually gets me no reply.

But this time they replied.

Could be on accounta cuz who I used as the applicant.

Give a looky:


My child it's real and i can help you become a member of the Illuminati if only you follow all we will say to you.

Firstly you have to fill this spaces BELOW.

your name;
your country;
your state;
your Phone number;
your age;

your name;                             Hillary Rodehard Clinton
your country;                          USA
your state;                              Inevitable, dammit
your Phone number;              I can't recall
your age;                                68 looking worse
occupation;                            inevitable candidate for prison  
It's obvious that they took more note of what was missing, rather than what was said:
when you recall your phone number contact us  
So I gave them hrc's crimepaign hindquarters tele #.  And that got me this:
it cost 100usd to join
that's the law  
But haven't you heard?  I am above the law.  You're a sexist if you don't agree.  
it's the illuminati law...what were you thinking? come and we just get you reach just like that?  
Being "sexist" didn't seem to register with them.  Obviously the DNC has failed to impress the Nigerian Illuminincompoops as they have Boko Harumphf.
As a matter of fact, yes...I did expect to just come and have you make me reach just like that.  What were you thinking?  
you not pay mean you not allow in.  That how it work.  
No, that not how it work.  It not work if you think you can make it work like that you sexist bigots you.  I am special.  You make me a head Illuminincompoop or you not get prestige of me in your pithy disorganization. 
you such a fool.  
Something me and the Nigerian Illuminincompoops can finally agree on  ;-)
Wait until my Stupor Volunteers get ahold of YOU!  They'll teach YOU not to use words at me that I and they don't like!  Oh yeah...they already have everyone at pmsnbc wetting themselves in fear of saying ONE THING that I don't like!  You will learn the meaning of respect you cretins! 
Apparently the Illuminincompoops don't know what a cretin is...or think it's a word hrc's stupor volunteers don't like  ;-)
At any rate, another *BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZER* to the Nigerian Illuminincompoops.  And another chance to piss off the hildebeest and her stupor volunteers.

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Blogger Sandee said...

Hillary is a hildebeest. That's so fitting.

Have a fabulous day. My best to Seymour. ☺

08 May, 2015 09:14  

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