Friday, October 17, 2014

The World Looks In

Periodic checks of the stats are interesting.  Hardly news worthy, but my pet rock Seymour totally flopped on his last scam edit, so it was either this or a re-tread post.

"Did NOT!!!"

When I check my blog stats, it's interesting to see who's looking in and from where.  For the week, after visits from the ol' US of A, visits from the Ukraine are running Number 2.

Must be a lot of Russkie scammers flooding in there at ol' Vlad's urging.  He sure is taking to the old Hitler playbook on trying to reconquer territory that wants no part of him.  It's a pity that the US is currently burdened with the worst fauxtus in history.  Only golf courses and welfare cheats are benefiting from ol' obozo.

After the Ukraine comes France.  Which makes sense; other than appease islamofascists who burn their cars and neighborhoods, what do the French have to do?  Drink wine, eat cheese and catch some rays, y'know.  Oddball knew.

Next up, Russia.  I guess not all of the Russian scammers are flooding into the Ukraine.  Or the lines are so long that they have time to visit from their iphones before crossing the border.

Then comes China.  Which I find interesting.  Must be those posts where my pet rock Seymour edits and makes fun of Kim Jong Un that draw them.

At Number Six is Germany.  Which I suspect is on accounta cuz I've slaughtered a few German woids in my various posts.  Like hundsfott.  Undt flieger schiesse undt schtuff liken dat, ja.

Then comes Poland...not sure why they're looking in, other than to watch for Russian scammers trying to pull a Ukraine there.

After that comes Canada.  I'm sure it has to do with any reference I've made to South Park, and the Canadian stars of that show, Terrence & Phillip, along with Scott the dick.

At Number 9 is Pakistan.  I have no idea why.  I haven't made any references to Charlie Wilson's War, or the movie Short Circuit lately.  And I am not standing here beside myself ala Fisher Stevens.

At the bottom of the Top Ten is the UK.  Which I do appreciate; the Queen is my 26th cousin, thrice removed.  I think I'm the one that got removed, but I digress.

Narrowing it down to a daily check -- and on the chosen day I have a total of 501 visits -- Australia and Belgium snuck in to my Top Ten, edging out Pakistan and the UK. 

Representation from West Africa was light this sampling period, but a lot of Nigerians, Benins, Ivory Coastians and other locations laden with fly-infested internet cafes have been taking note of my jabs and prods at the Nigerian craze on the Illuminumbnuts scams.  They keep trying to use the comments section of my blog for recruitment; I keep taking their recruitment comments and editing them.

My pet rock approves heartily.

My dream of having a visit from someone clearly identified as being in Liechtenstein hasn't happened yet.  But I am hopeful.  Switzerland does drop in now and again...close, but no avalanche.

As for anyone affiliated with isis -- or as our subpar fauxtus insists on calling them, isil -- no visits yet.  My comment section hasn't exploded or been beheaded.  I'm sure one of those camel genital warts will surface sooner or later.  I have a photo of a plate of bacon awaiting them.

Next post:  back to belittling scammers....

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Blogger Sandee said...

You have some interesting statistics indeed. I think I'll go check mine. It's been a bit since I've checked.

Have a fabulous day and weekend. My very best to my buddy Seymour. ☺

17 October, 2014 10:05  
Anonymous Debbie said...

You do such a good job of belittling scammers


19 October, 2014 12:35  

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