Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Where The Search For Intelligent Life Ends

While the rest of us just plug along in life, trying to make ends meet, the folks at NASA are keeping up the celestial exploration, at least until ISIS requires them to dial back technology to the 6th Century AD.

That era of catapults won't be of much use.

Until then, NASA reckons that they've discovered about 700 planets as of 2014, and that more than a few of them are in solar systems not terribly dissimilar to ours.

This of course boosts the postulations and speculations about there being other life forms out there, somewhere.

Believers in UFOs have been convinced of that from the first reported sightings.  Some conspiracy theorists go so far as to suggest that a space ship with alien corpses crashed in New Mexico in '47, and the last Indiana Jones movie exposed their existence. 

But NASA wants to tamp down the speculation that when/if aliens make first contact with us, they'll be like what Hollyweird has portrayed them as:  little green men, or big headed ETs.

Some among the NASA "What If" staff believe that it is possible that today, among us, there are aliens who are spying on us as we live and breathe.   South Park went so far as to suggest that Earth is a reality show for the cosmos, and lots of intelligent life out there looks in amusedly at the lack of intelligent life here.

If you've ever listened to recent public statements by Russell Brand, you'd have to agree with the cosmos on that point.

I had my pet rock, Seymour -- a 4.5 billion year old resident of this h'yar orb -- speculate hisself on that possibility, and it made him wish I hadn't disassembled the VCR remote that he'd converted into a home defense device, after watching a marathon of the The Outer Limits (TOS) a few years ago.

After a vaporized refrigerator, I reckoned we'd all be better off with it disabled.

But Seymour's acute eye for oddities did come up with some very distinct possibilities for alien infiltration within the human race.  These are his suspicious characters that prove that while alien life is present, the intelligence of it is dubious at best:

I find this very believable about DWS...truly.

Alien, perhaps; intelligent life form, certainly not as a well established track record of public statements proves beyond all dispute.

Alien...more believable by the day.  Intelligent?  A tree stump trumps her.

Alien playing with his ray gun?  Mayhaps.  Intelligent?  A door knob beats this, loaded-finger-or-not down.

Alien?  Perhaps...might even have been expelled from Uranus.  Any attempt to measure intelligence is usually defeated whenever it speaks in public.

Alien?  A distinct possibility.  As for intelligence, well....since no intelligent life exists at msnbc, that settles that.

Alien?  Seymour thinks so.  Intelligent?  Only if a flaming doper has any brain cells left that work.  If an alien, obviously he took drug experimentation to low information levels.

So many questions remain about life on other worlds.  Questions that might be answered in our lifetime, perhaps.  But if NASA and my pet rock are correct, the examples of "ETs" we have among us thus far suggest that the universe is no better off than we are.


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Blogger Sandee said...

You see Seymour is brilliant. He nailed this very well. In fact it's spot on.

Have a fabulous day. My very best to the brilliant Seymour. ☺

23 September, 2014 09:58  
Anonymous Debbie said...

Oh wow, the images were worth it even without the article, ha.

Right Truth

25 September, 2014 15:13  

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